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I’ve had a whole lot of fun this week getting to know the very stylish Kasey from Cauliflower Kids. Kasey is based in Vacacille, California and has just released her Fall 2013 collection. You can expect to see edgy cuts and whimsical patterns, inspired by modern art and classic fall hues. Oh, and I’ve thrown in a couple of summer 2013 photos too, just for our Aussie readers.

Cauliflower Kids Handmade Children's Clothes, Dresses, Pants, Tops

The Product Review

For this week’s review, I sent a delicious Cauliflower Kids Spliced Stripe Marinière shirt and matching Pom Pom Chapeau down to Melbourne for a style test by Mum of twins (and all round lovely human being) Chantal. Miss Zahli-three-and-half hit the town in her bold black and white striped tee paired with black skinny jeans and hot pink shoes. Mum Chantal says, “All I could think was, I want that outfit for myself”.

The quality of the fabric in the Spliced Stripe Marinière shirt is simply superb. I’m smitten with the boat neck, I dig the spliced zig zag pattern, and I adore the three-quarter sleeves. This is a versatile piece that is great for the change of seasons and can be easily layered for a Northern winter. Match it with the Pom Pom Chapeau (available in a huge selection of colours) and enjoy your very own fashionable little piece of Paris.

The verdict… Fabulously stylish and effortlessly chic

Cauliflower Kids Handmade Children's Clothes, Dresses, Pants, Tops

The Indie Label

Kasey launched her label Cauliflower Kids last July, but she’s been sewing since she was six years old and always knew she’d end up doing something in fashion. Kasey explains, “While in College at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in LA I grew fond of children’s design. I had a few other shops while bouncing around Europe, but when I came home and started looking after my niece, it became clear that it was time to start my kid’s wear project.

“I mulled it over for about a year drawing hundreds and hundreds of sketches and finally decided on my three item debut. When I started I wasn’t able to take out loans, I only had about $40 in my pocket which I used to produce those three items (still some of my best sellers). When I look back I can’t believe how far I’ve come in just over a year!”

The name Cauliflower Kids was chosen in honour of Kasey’s niece who was born while she was living in France. It’s common there to call a little one “chou” or cabbage, but Kasey opted to call her little love “choufleur” which means Cauliflower… adorable!

Cauliflower Kids Handmade Children's Clothes, Dresses, Pants, Tops

The Creative Mind

Here’s a little peek into Kasey’s creative mind (in her own words)…

I’m honestly still trying to pin down my process, I think it’s a bit abstract and that’s why it’s hard to describe. What I know is, from concept to having the items in my shop it takes about 3 months. Right after I put out a collection is when the next collection starts.

The first month I’m doing everything whilst constantly designing in the back of my head and thinking of different themes and colours and all of that abstract stuff. I take into account my nieces and my own current obsessions. Somewhere during the end of month one or the beginning of month two it “clicks” – that light bulb moment when I know what my next theme and feel and general mood of the collection will be.

The next few weeks are spent sketching sketching sketching. We’re talking tons and tons of drawings! All this while considering photo shoot options, and designing prints to have sent out. Then I go and do my fabric sourcing (this is where the fun really begins). After I’ve picked out handfuls of fabric options I get all of my drawings out and edit it down to a small collection of only the very best items; this is the point I’m at in the winter collection right now! After that it kind of rolls right out and next thing you know a couple weeks later I’ve got a whole new collection in the shop and the whole thing starts over again!

Cauliflower Kids Handmade Children's Clothes, Dresses, Pants, Tops

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Kasey (in her own words)…

  1. While, I don’t have a terrible amount of time on my hands for hobbies, I do think it’s very important as a creative to get away from my work and do something just for fun and just for me. Lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of yodeling (like this) and starting to learn how to do so myself (I’m terrible, really, cover your ears!)

  2. I also love to paint and have been borderline obsessing over this app which allows me to paint but takes out the part of it that takes me the longest, finding inspiration (it’s hard to do with my brains so full of everything else). I can sit down and paint a portrait in whatever amount of time I’ve allotted, whether it be 20 minutes in between sewing, or the whole day on my day off.

  3. For the third thing, I’ll have to say food. My mister and I love cooking together and experimenting with different cuisines and flavours (this being said, maybe the gym should be more of a hobby of mine as well, haha!)

Cauliflower Kids Handmade Children's Clothes, Dresses, Pants, Tops

The Handmade Collection

You can purchase Cauliflower Kids handmade children’s clothes online via Etsy or follow Kasey on Facebook for all the latest news. There’s a range of clothes available in store now which are suitable for all seasons, be it spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Cauliflower Kids Handmade Children's Clothes, Dresses, Pants, Tops

Cauliflower Kids Handmade Children's Clothes, Dresses, Pants, Tops

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