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Hi folks! I’m a bit of a sucker for cute personalised gear for kids, and this month I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Leany from Spatz. Leany creates a range of custom kids clothing, bags, labels, decor, superhero capes and more… as well as few goodies for mums and dads as well. Today we review the Spatz personalised swim bags.

Spatz peresonalised kids clothing, bags

The Product Review

Let’s start today with the nitty gritty, so we can quickly move on to my favourite part, the cool factor! Rocking up on my doorstep this week, and promptly setting in to their new home with my lovely nieces, was two personalised swim bags (although in this case they’ll be used for stashing all sorts of precious treasures).

The Spatz swim bags feature lightweight and durable fabrics, for easy slinging over little shoulders. They are waterproof in case you’re taking them to swim class, and have a lovely sheen to them (especially the pink). Each bag is printed with 100% eco-friendly inks, and is 100% certified to the OEKO-TEK Standard, so it’s free of PVC, heavy metals and chemicals.

Now, let’s move on to the fun part, the designs! We chose the Patel Owls in pink and the Mini Clippity Clop Pony in purple. We were able to choose a design, a colour, and personalise with the kids’ names through the Spatz website. They were then handmade to order and shipped to our door, packaged in cute brown paper packages. Perfect for gift giving.

The verdict… good fun for kids, both big and little!

Spatz peresonalised kids clothing, t-shirts

The Indie Label

Spatz was launched shortly after the birth of Leany’s second son, who was born in 2009. Leany’s first product was a dummy clip for her son, and as time went by, she decided to try her hand at printing her own ribbon. From there, Leany moved on t-shirts… and now she has a complete range of products including decor, accessories, labels, super hero capes, and more.

Leany chose the name Spatz in honour of her son, the dummy spitter.

The Creative Mind

Leany is mum to three boys, all born in January, and aged 2, 4 and 12.

Leany describes herself as a “bit of a nutty professor” when it comes to her design process, and lists her number one inspiration as fun. She explains, “We try to use fun, colourful designs that stand out and are more than just personalised product. We really wanted to create cute, fun and affordable pieces of personalised art”.

“My design process starts with a sketch, and I always have around 2 or 3 on the go at all times; not by choice, but I have become a bit obsessed! Some designs make the cut, but sometimes when we review the designs here at SPATZ HQ, it will be a case of seriously what were you thinking?  I still get such a kick out of seeing kids wear and use our stuff. I also love that our items are printed by hand giving each one a unique look, which makes them one of a kind”.

Spatz peresonalised kids clothing, bags, pencil cases

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Leany (in her own words):

  1. I love coffee.

  2. I collect limited edition t-shirts.

  3. I am a web designer and graphic illustrator and built the Spatz website.

The Handmade Collection

At the Spatz website, you’ll find all kinds of handmade products, including a range of personalised Christmas items. You can also visit Leany on Facebook, for all the latest news.

Spatz peresonalised kids clothing, t-shirts

Spatz peresonalised kids clothing, bags, labels, capes

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1 comment to Designer of the Week – SPATZ

  • Tea Poulsen

    Love her stuff 🙂 – My kids got a few things of hers – my daughter use the swimming bag for ballet – with a cute ballet dancer on 😉
    My son got one of the Super Hero capes for his birthday last week – his favourite t-shirt have for a long time been his own “Super James” t-shirt 😉
    And both the kids just got their own personalised placemats – and they love them and feel very special that they got their name on them 😉

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