Amelie & Nanette: Sparkly Shoes & Picnic Parties

It’s with joy in my heart that I share with you today, a book by Sophie Tilley that has recently landed on the favourites list in the KID independent household. It’s among my top picks for Christmas gifts this year and is perfect for ages 3 – 6 years. It’s called, Amelie & Nanette: Sparkly Shoes & Picnic Parties. It has a charming and whimsical storyline and the illustration… oh, so magical!

Sophie Tilley -  Amelie & Nanette: Sparkly Shoes & Picnic Parties

Amelie and Nanette are best friends who share all kinds of fun adventures together. In this sweet little tale, Nanette has just picked out a brand new pair of shoes and can’t wait to show them to Amelie. As it turns out, Amelie has a brand new dress! To celebrate, the girls decide to have a ‘new shoes and new dress picnic party’. Fun and frivolity soon ensues, with singing, dancing, and a few surprises too!

Amelie and Nanette is a new series by Sophie Tilley that is all about fun, friendship and freedom. Sophie Tilley is an illustrator and designer, well known for her gorgeous range of dolls and stationery, and her previous book series, ‘Princess Evie’s Ponies’.

You can find Amelie & Nanette: Sparkly Shoes & Picnic Parties at your favourite bookstore, or check out more of Sophie Tilley’s work via her website (coming soon).

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