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Who loves sausage dogs? We do! So you can imagine our delight at this retro little number by Boo Boo Dee’s. I picked this skirt especially for a long time reader of KID independent (and a fabulously fashionable rockabilly-mama-of-three), Gemma. I’ve asked Gemma, and her lovely daughter Miss Two, to give us her feedback.

Boo Boo Dee's Handmade Girls Clothes, Dresses, Playsuits

The Product Review

Take it away Gemma…

Okies! So here’s a little not-so-secret fact about me – I love dogs – big ones, little ones, and inbetweenies. I also love polka dots – white ones, pink ones, and black ones. I can be seen around town sporting any combination of these patterns on a regular basis, and my daughters are following in my footsteps with an ever-expanding rockabilly wardrobe of their own. I’ve always given them free reign to dress themselves, and they’re experts at clashing together all kinds of colours and styles.

This morning, they had a gay-old-time playing mix-and-match with this “Hot Diggity” skirt from Boo Boo Dee’s. It’s made from 100% cotton quilting fabric, in punchy black and white fabric, with a pink trim. My girls tried it out with just about every colour tee under the sun, and ended up settling on a white puff sleeve number with a pink cupcake on the front and a pair of shiny black Mary-Janes.

According to Amy from Boo Boo Dee’s, every little girl loves a good twirling skirt – and well, if my three are anything to go by, I’d have to concur! The Hot Diggity skirt sits comfortably on the hips with a nice drape and plenty of ‘flounce’. For my girls, it was all about the colour. For me, it was all about those darling Daschunds!

The verdict… five-star quality, with five-star style.

The Indie Label

Boo Boo Dee’s designer Amy is a very busy woman; and with a full-time job and a bustling business, you can often find her at the sewing machine in the wee hours of the morning. Amy started her business with a simple A-line dress, which was a huge hit with her friends and family. Soon after, Amy’s niece was born, and her little hobby was propelled into a business venture. These days, she creates a whole range of styles, including skirts, dresses, tops, tees and more.

Amy chose the name Boo Boo Dee’s to reflect the nickname given to her by her partner. Amy explains, “My partner always calls me Boo Boo, and one day when I was creating the label, I asked him for suggestions on how I could market myself. His immediately answered, “Boo Boo Dee’s” (By the way, the ‘Dee’ relates to my surname, which is Devantier).

Boo Boo Dee's Handmade Girls Clothes, Dresses, Playsuits

The Creative Mind

Amy loves to work with striking colours and amazing prints, and has a fondness for making OOAK and limited release girls’ clothing and accessories. Amy explains, “I spend many many hours trawling the internet looking for the ‘perfect’ fabric. More often than not, I choose the fabric first and then plough through my patterns to find the design that will best compliment the fabric.

“I love working with fabrics that have a large range of co-ordinates so I can mix up colours. After sewing flat out for 3 years, I have learnt lot of new techniques and I’m now confident to start mixing patterns, and altering old patterns, to suit my needs. I have also built a network of handmaidens that I occasionally call on during the design process. I bounce ideas and colours combos off them when the creative juices are not flowing.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s a few fun facts about Amy (in her own words):

  • I can only eat baked beans at room temperature!

  • I like to support Australian pattern designers, including Kristie at BOO! Designs, Vanessa at Bobkin, Jen at Ainslee Fox, Jenna at Apple + Fig, and Lauren at Fresh Design.

  • Not only do I have an addiction for buying fabric, I also collect old cameras and Bakelite kitchen canisters. I have a vintage glass cabinet full of vintage cameras and the top of my kitchen cupboards are neatly lined with canisters all in a row.

  • I have OCD with the coat hangers I hang my stock on when we go to the markets. Each size has its own colour! I drive the others mad with it too!

  • I have a thing for retractable tape measures! Have to buy one at every fabric store I go to!

The Handmade Collection

You can find the Boo Boo Dee’s collection online, visit Amy on Facebook for the latest news, or meet her in person at a range of handmade markets in Brisbane.

Boo Boo Dee's Handmade Girls Clothes, Dresses, Playsuits

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