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If you’re one of our awesome Aussie readers, you’ll soon be embarking on a long hot summer… and that means, shorts! Today I’ve invited Tanya from Mini Mayhem to stop by to share a sneaky peek at her new range of cotton shorts for little folks. In review today, is one of my personal favourites, the blue whales.

Mini Mayhem Boys T-shirts, Shorts, Boardies

The Product Review

Comfy shorts and a matching tee is a wardrobe staple for little guys (actually, and grown up guys too) and with temperatures already starting to soar, it’s great timing to start picking out a few of your favourites.

The “Whale of a time” shorts by Mini Mayhem are made from 100% cotton and have an adjustable elastic waist. The side seam and crotch seams are triple stitched for toughness, which if you ask me, is an essential feature!

I tried out a pair of size three shorts on mr-two-and-a-half and they sat comfortably at his waist, and hit just on his knees. He thought the whales were ‘cool’ and figured that by wearing them, it meant that we were heading for the beach.

In short (zing!), theĀ Mini Mayhem range is superbly crafted and built to last. Tanya chooses fun, light weight fabrics, in cool colours, that go nicely with the Mini Mayhem tee collection.

The verdict… A modern take, on a classic wardrobe staple.

The Indie Label

Tanya launched her labelĀ Mini Mayhem in 2011 when she was 34 weeks pregnant with her second child. She had just started her maternity leave and was looking for a project to keep her occupied. She let loose with a bunch of t-shirt designs, and has never looked back!

In explaining how she chose her business name, Tanya says, “At the time my husband and I came up with the name our son was only one year old. Mini Mayhem seemed to really sum up the madness that was our new life as parents.”

Mini Mayhem Boys T-shirts, Shorts, Boardies

The Creative Mind

Tanya describes herself as, “The worn out mother of a four year old boy and a two year old girl…” who provide her with tons of inspiration. Tanya says, “Thankfully they are great sleepers which allows me time to run Mini Mayhem. However they still drive me bonkers and I am often to be found hiding in the pantry stuffing my face with crisps.”

Here’s a little look at Tanya’s creative process…

“Once inspiration strikes for a new t-shirt design I usually spend a bit of time researching and sketching ideas. I upload these sketches and start working on the final design on the computer. This is then transferred onto a screen and we screen print them onto t-shirts. With our shorts I try to source fabrics which are fun and will make them quickly become a firm favourite in the wardrobe.”

“My son’s loves have always been a source of inspiration, and dinos, diggers and fire trucks were my original designs. I know if he loves a new design that I have been working on then it is sure to go down well. He will often make suggestions which turn out to be really useful, as its great to have that small person insight. The best feeling is when I receive stories of little customers refusing to take their new Mini Mayhem clothes off or insisting on wearing them straight away.”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Tanya (in her own words):

  1. I studied fine art at uni before I did a law degree and ended up a criminal lawyer. Now I happily find myself back to my creative beginnings.

  2. I have a ridiculously irrational fear of goannas & komodo dragons (*shudders*)

  3. I may look like girly girl but I’m a tomboy at heart, with Lego, Star Wars and Nintendo being some of my favourites.

The Handmade Collection

In the Mini Mayhem range, you’ll find a bunch of super cool kids shorts and t-shirts, along with a few adult tees as well. Shop online for your favourites, or visit Tanya on Facebook for all the latest news.

Mini Mayhem Boys T-shirts, Shorts, Boardies

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