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Today’s beautiful creation has come to us all the way from the very lovely Zeina, from Thimbelina in Lebanon. She is handcrafted from from 100% Turkish cotton, with wool hair and an outfit made from traditional “sayy” fabric, which is commonly used in Lebanon and Syria. I’m completely smitten… read on for our review.

Thimbelina Handmade Doll, Rag Doll, Toys

The Product Review

The Thimbelina collection is quite exquisite, and each little doll is a work of art. The detailing is as sweet as can be; from little glittery Mary-Janes, to her hand crocheted knickers and embroidered eye lashes. This perfectly pretty little lady is sure to be the princess of any tea party that she attends, and I think she’d be equally loved by children and doll collectors alike. As well as the tradition Lebanese fabrics, Thimbelina also works with liberty prints, as you can see below. Just. Plain. Gorgeous!

The verdict… charming and precious!

The Indie Label

Thimbelina was launched in 2007 in a shop near Zeina’s house in Lebanon. Soon after she put together her own workshop with a group of locals who shared her passion for craft and creativity.

Zeina says, “It all started off as a hobby. Stitching has always been my passion and all the different colours and patterns fascinate me. I soon began to use these ideas to make fantastic gifts for my friends and family. My favourite part was designing personalized baby trousseaus. The use of thread, fabric, scissors, and needles enchanted me, and I contemplated so many different ideas… This is when my dream shop began.”

Thimbelina Handmade Doll, Rag Doll, Toys

The Creative Mind

Zeina’s inspiration to create handicrafts was inherited from her family. Zeina’s grandfather was a well renowned gentleman’s bespoke tailor and her great aunts were masters of “milen” and “crochet”.

Zeina explains, “Everything that comes out of the Thimbelina workshop is thoroughly and efficiently sewed together. All the crochet work is done in Lebanon. Our craftsmen and craftswomen are all Lebanese and work either in our workshop or from their homes. We provide work for women who cannot leave their houses for various reasons. These women live in the countryside, where they have passed on their handiwork techniques for many generations”.

“In case you are wondering: why the name Thimbelina? Well, I needed some inspiration, so I constructed a fairy and named her Thimbelina. She is a needlework fairy. I put her together using carefully selected thread for her hair, fabric for her dress, and a needle for her wand.  Ever since, I have used this technique to construct my creations. I love everything colourful, imaginative, bubbly, and loud. Thimbelina will continue her journey of creativity to give us all something special that we can cherish for life”.

The Handmade Collection

The Thimbelina workshop produces a wide rage of products including handmade dolls, personalised baby trousseaus, decorative tableaus, kitchen/bedroom/bathroom linens, and handcrafted accessories.

You can purchase one of these beautiful dolls by contacting Thimbelina through their Facebook page. They sell for 50USD (plus delivery).

Thimbelina Handmade Doll, Rag Doll, Toys

Thimbelina Handmade Doll, Rag Doll, Toys

Thimbelina Handmade Doll, Rag Doll, Toys

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