'lil Christmas Doors to Welcome Santa

The Christmas countdown is officially on and Santa is preparing himself for his big journey around the world. The elves are busily working away, and the Christmas fairies are planting little red doors on all the houses without chimneys, to make sure that Santa can find his way in with ease. Poor old Santa and his rotund belly, it’s hard to squeeze through non-magical windows!

'lil Christmas Doors, Santa, lil' Fairy Doors, Christmas Eve, Fairies, Baby Donkie

Our friends at Baby Donkie are selling these limited edition red ‘lil Christmas Doors, complete with easy to remove Christmas wreath for $45. Each door is handmade and hand painted, and comes with a note for Santa to welcome him into your home, and a bottle of “snow” to sprinkle around the door. So cute.


Savings and SpecialsTake 25% off your ‘lil Christmas Door (and all other purchases from Baby Donkie). Simple enter the code XMAS25 at the checkout to redeem your discount. Sale ends on 15 December 2013. Not valid in conjunction with any other offer.


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