Behind the Scenes - Carmela from The Little Nest

Woohoo, it’s Friday, and I’ve decided to send you off to the weekend with a feature that we haven’t done for a while here on KID independent; a behind the scenes interview. Please allow me to introduce you to Carmela from The Little Nest in Manila, Philippines. Carmela launched her label in October 2013. Here’s a little peek into her creative mind.

 The Little Nest Handmade Children's Furniture

The Little Nest is…

A growing business that I started last October 2013. It offers a variety of custom-made room furniture for little kids of any age – from colourful study tables and dressers to diverse sofas and beds. With such dreamy designs, kids will definitely enjoy their time reading bedtime stories and sleeping in!

When I look around my workspace I see…

Polaroid shots glued to the wall, books, and a chocolate bar. Safe to say I get inspiration from fairy tales and things that I’ve seen whilst traveling.

The Little Nest Handmade Children's Furniture

My design style is influenced by…

Walt Disney himself. His mind is so beautiful that I would love to get lost in it for a day or two! Imagine having sleepovers inside Minnie Mouse’s house with Daisy, or having tea parties with Alice, Snow White, and the dwarves. Now wouldn’t that be dreamy? His success story is the reason why I try my best to make my crazy ideas come to life no matter how impossible they seem to be.

The motto I live by is…

“Your dreams will come true if you could just get out of bed.” I love sleeping and I have such big dreams for myself so I can honestly say that this is very applicable to my life.

The Little Nest Handmade Children's Furniture

If I could go back and give one piece of advice to my teenage self it would be…

That Peter Pan was right – growing up isn’t something one should look forward to. People will try to change you and it’s up to you to fight for what makes your heart beat. There is nothing more fun than being young so make sure to make the most out of it and do things that make you happy!

My favorite memories from my childhood are…

Going on big family vacations, playing pretend, riding bicycles & scooters around the village, eating too much Halloween candy, and doing foolish things kids do and not get punished for.

Three things that make me smile each day are…

  1. Finding a good source of creativity for when I feel like designing;

  2. A playlist which fits my current mood; and

  3. A cup of hot tea + an afternoon spent daydreaming and being lazy.

The Little Nest Handmade Children's Furniture

If I could be any character in fiction, I would be…

Delirium from Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”! Just cause she’s so weird and entrapped by her own imagination that reality seems to be nonexistent. I mean it’s pretty fascinating and I would love to be in her shoes! (Maybe if it’s possible she could help me design new stuff too. Ha!)

My idea of complete happiness is…

Lying on the floor with the aircon and lights turned off, my violin and book beside me, and my favorite playlist on repeat – this, plus an amazing view of nature right outside my window.

My three most prized possessions (apart from my kids/family) are…

  1. Well the first thing that popped into my mind was my dog, Winter. She’s a Siberian husky and my first real pet. She’s actually sitting beside me right now! I love her and I don’t even have a reason why, I just do.

  2. My second prized possession would probably be my first pair of Dr. Martens. I’ve had them for years now and I always have the best time wearing them.

  3. The third one is my bible. I am a Christian, a devoted follower of Jesus, which means that I’ve experienced His grace probably a million times now and I’ve seen miracles happen on a daily basis. Despite the hardships, I’ve learned to trust my struggles and to believe in His plans for me.

The Little Nest Handmade Children's Furniture

You can view the full range of furniture by The Little Nest via their website. At present, the furniture can only be shipped within Metro Manila (Philippines); stay tuned for international shipping updates coming soon.

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