Custom Handmade Quilts by Tied with a Ribbon

Our friend Jemima from Tied with a Ribbon has hit the ground running this year with a beautiful new selection of handmade quilts. Her sewing room is overflowing with heavenly fabrics and she is currently accepting orders for a custom quilts in your choice of colours and patterns. You can view more work from Tied with a Ribbon online… but first, here’s a little peek at our favourites.

Tied with a Ribbon Handmade Quilts

Jemima from Tied with a Ribbon is a third generation sewer who was lovingly taught by both her mum and her grandmother. Jemima also has two daughters of her own, and has continued to pass her skills on to future generations. When she’s not stitching up a storm for Tied with a Ribbon, she works as a Home Economics teacher at a local high school.

Tied with a Ribbon Handmade Quilts

Would you like to order a quilt? Visit Tied with a Ribbon for all the details.

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