Designer of the Week - Julia Wine

A very warm welcome to our Designer of the Week, Julia Wine from Kiev, Ukraine! Julia is a wiz with a needle and thread and creates all kinds of cuteness, including coasters, cushions, photo frames, softies, jewellery and more. Today we’re testing out one of Julia’s signature pieces, the decorative cat pillow.

Julia Wine Handmade Cat Cushions, Pillows

The Product Review

Julia Wine’s decorative cat pillows are made from flax with a hypoallergenic and super cushy polyester filling. We tested out a floral design, with a shabby chic appeal. The pillows are fairly flat, which makes them a great addition to easy chairs or beds. We gave our kitty cat a brand new home on Nana’s couch, where she will be much loved and visited regularly by heaps of friends (including Nana’s actual real life cat).

The verdict… A cushy treat for animal lovers.

Julia Wine Handmade Toys, Photo Frames, Elephants

The Indie Label

Julia opened her store in 2011, but had been making handmade items for several years after becoming inspired to create by a toy exhibition. Julia explains, “A few years ago I visited an exhibition of teddy land – it was the first show dedicated to handmade bears in my city. I was so inspired that I decided to try to make a bear myself. But I ended up making a whole Bear House. I gave this house to the local toy store, and as far as I know, it was bought as a birthday present for a little girl. She chose it herself and asked her mom to give it to her. I was so happy that she liked it! After this I decided that I want to bring more happiness to people.”

The Creative Mind

Julia works with a range of different fabrics, and appreciates the unique colour and feel of each piece. She draws inspiration primarily from her family (her husband and 2 year old son) and says, “They like to cheer me up and mess with toys in my studio!”

Julia Wine Handmade Toys, Christmas Ornaments

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Julia (in her own words):

  1. I spent my childhood in the mountains of Georgia. My parents were in the military and lived at the outpost, away from civilization.

  2. My first job was a call operator! It had absolutely nothing to do with handmade! So I guess it’s strange in some way that I’ve ended up in handmade.

  3. I love to eat candies so much! I guess you may call it a hobby!

Julia Wine Handmade Toys, Elephants

The Handmade Collection

Julia’s handmade collection includes jewellery, toys, photo frames, sleep masks, coasters, placements, magnets, pillows, and Christmas ornaments. She’s always adding new goodies to her store, so be sure to drop by soon!

Julia Wine Handmade Toys, Bunnies, Rabbits, Easter

Julia Wine Handmade Toys, Bunnies, Rabbits, Easter

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