Closer to Nature Bonding Moments + Giveaway

Today we’ve teamed up with our friends at closer to nature® to celebrate their brand new range of soothers; and to share a beautiful bonding moment by local mum, Jennifer. This was such a lovely idea for a feature, and I hope you enjoy Jennifer’s story as much as we have. Oh, and while you’re here, don’t forget to enter the giveaway and sign up for some freebies from closer to nature®.

Closer to nature bonding moments, adoption stories

An adoption bonding story…

When I was asked by {KID} independent to share my adoption bonding story, I felt both honoured and touched. It’s a different journey when a child finds his or her way into your life via adoption. There are no ultrasounds, maternity wear, contractions, labour, or (usually) breastfeeding. However, the experience of bonding is equally powerful, breathtaking, and heartwarming. Adoption is different, but not less than, and comes with its own unique challenges, memories, and experiences. The first moments, and subsequent days after I met my little bundle of sweetness is forever etched in my memory, and today I’d like to share that moment with you.

We adopted our little one, Maya, at 8 months of age. We had waited for her, dreamed about her, and prepared for her arrival for almost six years prior. The journey that lead us to Maya is a long one, and could no doubt fill a book. So, I’ll spare you those details and focus on her arrival instead.

Closer to nature bonding moments, adoption stories

We met Maya on a Monday, at 2pm. When we arrived at Maya’s foster home, she was in the middle of her afternoon nap. Her foster mother, Esther, walked us to her bedside, smiled, squeezed my hand, and then quietly left the room. I felt a wave of emotion engulf my entire being as I sat down beside Maya’s cot. I admired her heavenly (and seriously chubby) cheeks, and I gently stroked her soft mocha skin. Tears filled my eyes as I wondered what it would be like for Maya, to be nursed by someone new.

My new friend Esther was experienced in these issues, having cared for over 40 newborns in her 18 years as a foster mum. Esther had asked me to send a blanket for Maya, that I had slept with and contained my scent. Maya was sleeping with the blanket (which was lovingly sewn by her Nana) the day we met. Esther and I had spoken on the phone several times prior to our first visit, and I had sung to Maya over the phone at bedtime.

Closer to nature bonding moments, adoption stories

Maya began to stir, and I gently lifted her from her cot and cradled her in my arms. Sleepy eyed, she looked at me inquisitively, grizzled softly, and looked around the room for Esther. Esther joined us with a bottle for Maya, and I nursed her while I sung her a lullaby. The warm milk and cuddles comforted Maya as her eyes wandered between me and Esther – trying to work things out. I spent 7 days with Maya at her foster home, and we shared bath times, dinner times, play times, and bed times together as we gently eased our way into new routines.

Nursing Maya, and looking into her eyes as I stroked her hair, was a not only a beautiful experience for us both, it allowed us to catch up on missed developmental milestones from her early infancy. Maya was almost 9 months old when we bought her home, but our relationship was brand new.

Maya has been home with us now for almost a year. She still enjoys a nighttime lullaby and cuddles with mum, and she still sleeps with the same handmade blanket that her Nana made for her homecoming. Aunty Esther is an important member of our household and Maya has an army of grown ups in her life, who love her dearly, including her first mum and dad, who gave her life.

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A huge thank you to Jennifer, for sharing her story, and to closer to nature® who pitched us the wonderful feature idea. If you have an idea for a feature, or would like to share your bonding story, please feel free to drop us a line. In the mean time, scroll down to enter the giveaway and register for some freebies.


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