Creative Cravings... Modern Planters!

Mother Nature is a wonderful soul; she bestows all kinds of awe-inspiring colours, shapes, and patterns upon us. I must admit, I’m not much a wiz in the garden, which is why I love to collect succulents and cacti! They’re easy to care for, have amazing silhouettes, and look super cool when they’re cradled in a handmade planter.

Modern Planters, Hanging Pots, Succulents, Pot Plants

Modern Handmade Planters + Hanging Pots

  1. DIY Letter Planter
  2. Geometric Cube Planter
  3. Hand Painted Rope Plant Pot
  4. Aqua & Mustard Air Plant Planter Duo
  5. Neon Mini Planters
  6. Pink & Yellow Woven Bead Planter
  7. Boxcar Succulent Planters
  8. Elephant Planter

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