Designer of the Week - Swearhouse!

It’s my absolute pleasure today to introduce you to a super creative design duo from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Alice and Bart are the driving force behind handmade label Swearhouse. These guys have an eye for style and a whole lot of personality! In review today we have an awesome tee from their brand new collection, inspired by Japanese kimono patterns and silhouettes.

Swearhouse Handmade Kids Clothing, Unisex, T-shirts, Kimono

The Product Review

This soon to be released collection by Swearhouse is inspired by traditional Japanese kimono patterns, and also features kimono sleeves with an overlocked hem. The range is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is screen-printed by hand with environmentally friendly water-based inks. I’m crazy about the laid-back styling of these tees, and recommend buying a roomy size, which looks super cool when styled with skinny jeans and hi-tops.

Swearhouse will be releasing more of these tees shortly, including long-sleeves with sweet Japanese patterns, so keep your eyes peeled folks!

The verdict… on trend, playful, and perfectly unisex!

Swearhouse Handmade Kids Clothing, Unisex, T-shirts, Kimono

The Indie Label

Swearhouse is a label run from a small studio in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It was founded in 2008, by Alice and Bart, an illustrator/biologist designer/bass player couple. Alice explains, “We were both working in the creative industry for years, but we always felt it would be great to start a ‘little side project’ together. Primarily because it’s just great fun to brainstorm and dream about all the things we could do.”

In the beginning, Swearhouse wasn’t meant to be a children’s clothing label. Alice and Bart made all sorts of things under the Swearhouse logo, but it was the clothing that really took off. Alice says, “We began making more clothing designs: partly because of the great response we got, and partly because we became a mum and dad ourselves. With two little boys (6 and 2 years old) we began to notice that finding fun, affordable and conscious clothing wasn’t such an easy task, so there was a gap to fill.”

Swearhouse Handmade Kids Clothing, Unisex, T-shirts, Kimono

The Creative Mind

Alice and Bart draw inspiration from many sources including illustration, design, art, music, different cultures and nature. Alice was a Biologist for 7 years, and although she doesn’t work in that field anymore, it still holds her interest. She explains, “The colours, the patterns, and the strange yet amazing creatures are a never ending source of inspiration”. Alice also acknowledges her two little misters, for “their playfulness, their curiosity, and their humour”.

Swearhouse wishes for every child (and grown up) to stay curious and playful. Therefore, all of their clothing and accessories are made to be soft and comfortable. Swearhouse works with GOTS certified organic cotton knits, not only because of their ecological and social responsibility, but because it results in high quality products. Alice says, “All our designs are gender neutral, so they can easily be passed on to brothers and sisters and enjoyed again”.

Swearhouse Handmade Kids Clothing, Unisex, T-shirts, Kimono

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Alice & Bart:

  1. Alice loves to draw and is addicted to the computer game “Plants vs Zombies”.

  2. Bart loves to design and make music.

  3. They love to run Swearhouse together, but most off all they love family time.

The Handmade Collection

You can check out the complete Swearhouse collection online, shop for your favourites via Etsy, or visit Swearhouse on Facebook for all the latest news!

Swearhouse Handmade Kids Clothing, Unisex, T-shirts, Kimono


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