KID Tested... Doodlebug Lumberjack Sloppy Joe!

I unashamedly adore bamboo fabrics for kids and just can’t get enough of the stuff! One of my favourite destinations for bamboo is doodlebug, and last week I added their Lumberjack Sloppy Joe and Blue Stripe Tights to the ever-expanding {KID} independent wardrobe. All of these designs are unisex, but today I’ve decided to shine the spotlight on the boys!

Doodlebug Lumberjack Sloppy Joe, Bamboo Kids Clothing


Ten things I adore about the Lumberjack Sloppy Joe:

  1. Chic unisex colour palette
  2. Bamboo fabric is softer than a basket full of bunnies
  3. Roomy cut with extra length (giving you a couple of years of wear)
  4. Naturally organic without any icky chemicals
  5. Ridiculously whimsical Lumberjack print that could rival the hippest of the hipsters
  6. Mixes and matches with any tights or jeans that you have in your closet
  7. Breathable, temperature regulating fabric will take you across multiple seasons
  8. Stands up to all kinds of ruff ‘n’ tumble shenanigans
  9. 5% Lycra for easy on and off (with shoulder buttons on the baby sizes)
  10. If it came in a dad-size, he’d wear one too…


>> Shop for bamboo kids clothing at doodlebug


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