Say goodbye to May with gorgeous grey...

Here we are folks, on the very last day of May, about to catapult into a somewhat chilly Australian winter! I thought I’d finish off Autumn with a selection of gorgeous grey knits from some very talented handmade designers. I’m kind of adoring those little fox hats, and I’m thinking of commissioning one in a big girl size to keep my ears toasty while I work in my office! Have a super fun weekend!

Pink, Grey, Yellow Baby Beanies, Kids Hats, Knitted, Crochet, Handmade

Hand knitted beanies, hats, and noggin warmers…

  1. Where the Wild Things Are Hat
  2. Geometric Hand Knitted Slouch Hat
  3. Floppy Ears Bunny Beanie
  4. Grey Polka Dot Ear Flap Hat
  5. Forest Friends Pom Pom Beanie
  6. Weebits Slouchy Pom Pom Hat
  7. Pink Flower Shell Earflap Beanie
  8. Charcoal Grey with Rose Pink Flowers Beanie
  9. Dino Beanie
  10. Crochet Fox Beanies
  11. Chunky Grey & Yellow Beanie
  12. Pink & Grey Beanie

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