Magnificent Art by The Monkey Brush

Hey folks, have you met Deb from The Monkey Brush? She’s been creating all kinds of beautiful children’s art over the past few years and has amassed quite a collection of cuteness. My favourite prints in her range are the woodland creatures and whimsical animals, so I’ve assembled a little showcase below. Read on to discover more of Deb’s artwork.

The Monkey Brush, Childrens Art, Illustration

At The Monkey Brush, you’ll find a large range of children’s art work ranging from acrylics on canvas, to framed water-colours, pastels, and collages. Deb is inspired by the kids around her, including her niece and her little boy, who is now two. She explains, “I love watching them pretending to be astronauts in a rocket to the moon, and two minutes later pretending to be lost in a forest”.

The Monkey Brush, Childrens Art, Illustration

All of Deb’s artworks come framed and ready to hang, with her latest releases drawn with copic markers and water-colour, giving them a clean look that is sweet as can be for nurseries, and stylish enough for older kids.

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