Mad Music Weekend - No School Today!

Continuing on with the top tunes in our Mad Music Weekend, today we’ve invited local Brisbane mum Mel Okimoto to share her thoughts on the new album from Danny Weinkauf, No School Today. We’ve been loving this album in the KID household, and it seems that Mel and her 3 year old daughter are loving in too.

No School Today, Danny Weinkauf


About our reviewer

Mel lives with her husband, 3 year old daughter, and cheeky dog and in Brisbane, QLD. She says, “We love music, fashion, food and being outdoors together in the Queensland sunshine”.

Mel’s review

Finding music that parents can enjoy and is appropriate for your child can be a tricky task these days. Our family usually has the Lion King soundtrack on repeat in our car. However, Danny Weinkauf’s new CD “No School Today” is a perfect blend of fun kids songs with funky beats and a cool vibe. Its a CD for the whole family to groove to in the house, on the deck, or in the car, which our family has been doing since getting this album.

This album features both fun and educational songs like ‘Hey!’ and calm soothing tracks like ‘Lullaby for Quinn’. Our family favourite had to be the hip ‘Archaeology’ – however, my 3 year old daughter can not get enough of ‘Whipped Cream’. We love this CD and would recommend it to families for some fresh fun tunes that everyone can groove to.

Danny Weinkauf is a Grammy winning composer, he also had the amazing hit song ‘I am a Paleontologist’ with the band They Might Be Giants.

You can buy this item, or learn more about Danny, at his website.


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