Putumayo Kids Presents... Australian Playground!

As lovers of music, and proud Aussies, we’re very excited today to share the brand new release from Putumayo Kids: Australian Playground! The album features ten catchy tracks from Indigenous artists and singer-songwriters and mixes good old fashioned storytelling with cheerful beats and Aussie twang. Scroll down to win a copy!

Putumayo Kids, Australian Playground

One of my favourite tracks on the album is Loose Change by Joe Hall and The Treehouse Band – it is absolutely guaranteed to make you nostalgic for your childhood and features the line “Loose change in my pocket, walking to the corner shop… two green frogs and a Paddle Pop”. I also love Mirri by Garrangali, which translates to “descendants of the crocodile,” and is sung by an Aboriginal band hailing from the remote expanses of North East Arnhem Land. Is there anything more Australian than the sound of the Didgeridoo?

Other top tracks include Bob Brown’s classic ‘Give Me A Home Among The Gumtrees’, Lazy Harry’s version of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ and a jazzy version of ‘The Road to Gundagai’ sung by The Band of the South Australia Police. The latter of which is going to be stuck in my head for DAYS.

We just loved this album and highly recommend to families all around the world. It comes with a kid-friendly recipe for Damper (pronounced Dam-PAH for you non-Australians).

Putumayo will contribute 1% of album sales to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation which changes young lives through music by providing tuition and instruments to disadvantaged children in Australia.

This album will be available from 27 May 2014, and you can buy a copy here.



Competition - Giveaway - WinWould you like to win one of two copies of Australian Playground by Putumayo Kids? To enter, simply tell us (in the comments section below) three things that you love about Australian culture. Open to U.S., Canada and Australia. Winner announced on 29 May, 2014.


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32 comments to Putumayo Kids Presents… Australian Playground!

  • Jess Miller

    I am an Australian Au Pair living in the USA at the moment and the 2 children that I look after just love to hear about Australia! I love to tell them all about the wonderful beaches we have, especially those in Perth where I am from. I talk about playing cricket on the beach in the summer! I talk about how lovely Australian people are, and how we like to say ‘G’day mate!’ And ‘no worries!’. I like to talk about how awesome the weather is, and that although it would be wonderful, we don’t really ride Kangaroos to school!


  • Patty

    Sun, Surf, and Sand!

  • Carmel

    I think Australians are all about helping out a mate, spending time in the outdoors, and enjoying this beautiful weather of ours.

  • Wendy Hatton

    Fresh air, wide open spaces and multicultural cuisine

  • Margaret-Anne Kerschke

    First thing I love about Australia is the camaraderie 🙂 so many people gathering to help others. I love the fact we have so much to surround ourselves in; desert, beaches, mountains! Finally, I love the wildlife 🙂

  • Mary Preston

    I love our lifestyle, our can-do attitude, and our willingness to help others.

  • Kirra B

    1. chipping in, helping out!
    2. the pub shout!
    3. anything goes!

  • Jessica Ashbrooke

    Love our laid back attitude. The abundance of bush tucker and aboriginal culture

  • Kathy Clark

    our animals, the outback, and how friendly a lot of people are in the Country

  • sam greenwald

    1. chipping in, helping out!
    2. the pub shout!
    3. anything goes!

  • Jen

    My kids have are able to grow into the people they are meant to be with. Food on the table and access to health and education. We are very lucky in this country.

  • I love our culture, we are so friendly, chilled out and so smart and intelligent at the same time.

  • Jo

    1. The increasing awareness of and desire to honour our First Nations people eg in welcoming ceremonies
    2. The spirit of mateship and willingness to help out people in trouble eg during flood, drought, bushfires and other disasters
    3. The uniqueness of our native animals and geographical features eg Uluru

  • Kye

    Great outdoors, Beach, Sunshine

  • Kirsten W

    Sunday sessions, Barbecues and the Aussie humour!

  • Tamara Lamb

    Diversity, fun, intriguing

  • Victoria S.

    I’m an American who just moved to Australia last year, and we are loving the Aussie life! Three things that I’ve found most enjoyable here are: (1)the laid-back nature of Aussie culture (2) the cafes! (we live in Melbourne :D) (3)the openness and friendliness of almost all the Aussies we encounter!

  • Sharon Markwell

    Mateship; a real good belly laugh; and a casual easy-going attitude

  • nicole larsen

    Sunshine, realaxing and honest people

  • Kelly Ryan

    The climate, the people and the lifestyle!

  • Laura S

    The laid back attitude,
    Never in a bad mood.
    Going with the flow every day,
    It’s like living on holiday.

  • melissa walton

    nice and relaxing just what we all need no stress

  • Linda Steabben

    Acceptance, enthusiasm and sense of humour
    … Isn’t it great we have that to share!

  • Mikaela C

    Beaches,barbies and beautiful weather!

  • Abby L

    The beach, the space and the mates!

  • Chantelle Cocks

    the beaches, the wildlife and the friendly culture

  • Falon Downing

    Mateship, our give it a go spirit, and the love we have for our environment.

  • Sheena Grey

    Beautiful beaches,our laid back personalities & aussie BBQ’S

  • simmone henne

    Multicultural living
    Accepting friendly people
    The emphasis of children and youth in society

  • dale milner

    weather, animals and people

  • Anne Costello

    Great weather, beautiful beaches and friendly, easy-going people.

  • Samantha W

    After having lived overseas for years, we’re so glad to be home with our kids. There’s nothing like Australia’s wide open spaces, glorious weather and cheery, welcoming people.

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