Behind the Scenes with Dainty and Divine

We’re celebrating sweetness today with a behind the scenes interview with Mel from Dainty and Divine. Mel creates a range of beautiful handmade accessories, and also sells heirloom quality christening gowns that are made from exquisite fabrics, with precious detailing. We asked Mel to tell us all about her label, her inspiration, and her lovely self. Enjoy!

Dainty and Divine - Beautiful Christening Gowns and Children's Clothing

About my business (a short introduction / bio)…

Dainty and Divine came from an idea that I had back in March of this year. I also run another business called Cheeky Moose Co. which began in 2012. My bespoke line of hair accessories for Christenings had become very popular so I decided to have a look at what was currently on offer for mothers planning this special time for their families.

Seeing a gap in the market I decided to launch an online christening boutique selling not only my handmade items but heirloom quality gowns and keepsakes made by other small Australian businesses. In a market flooded with mass produced products, I hope that Dainty and Divine will provide lovingly made items that will not only look beautiful now, but for generations to come.

Dainty and Divine - Beautiful Christening Gowns and Children's Clothing

Three things that make my business unique are…

Firstly, the fact that I make many of the items myself, not only the hand sewn hair accessories, but also the crocheted items.

Secondly, wherever possible I source handmade items from other small businesses. I feel that this way I not only am I promoting the local economy, but it is also helping to getting these beautifully made products into to the hands of customers.

Thirdly, my vision is to provide heirloom quality gowns and accessories, therefore I use the best materials including Dupion silk, 100%Australian wool, Swarovski crystals and bridal quality laces.

My design style is influenced by…

My mother and grandmother are the greatest influences of my style; both dressmakers, pattern makers, and avid knitters and crocheters, I grew up to the sound of sewing machines humming and knitting needles clinking.

I have always been drawn to antiques, and old world treasures. I have a particular love for the glamour girls of the golden years of Hollywood, their elegance and beauty is timeless. In saying this my design style is also directed by the customer, being largely bespoke I am often designing hair accessories to match a special outfit.

Dainty and Divine - Beautiful Christening Gowns and Children's Clothing

My favourite materials to work with are…

I make all of my fabric flowers from scratch which gives me so much flexibility and of course choice for my customers. At the moment I am in love with Dupioni silk and Swarovski crystals. I have designed a range of baby headbands called Silks and Lace, which match beautifully with the silk dresses and gowns available in the Dainty and Divine on-line shop.

The first handmade product that I made for my store was…

A ivory Dupion silk headband featuring two hand sewn yoyos with a hand rolled rosette between. The flowers are hand beaded with pearl and Swarovski beads and attached to elastic lace. It has been a popular seller already.

The next handmade item I plan to make is…

A personalised christening candle. I have been playing around with a few designs and embellishments and I think I am almost ready to show my social media followers a sneak peek soon.

Dainty and Divine - Beautiful Christening Gowns and Children's Clothing

My favourite memories from my childhood are..

When I was a small child my grandmother worked for a children’s clothing boutique as a machinist. I remember going in to work with her and and collecting the scraps from the over-lockers and making my own creations from them. She would always boost for my confidence saying how creative and clever I was.

My three most prized possessions (apart from my kids/family) are…

Firstly, my engagement ring. My husband designed it himself and had a jeweler make it for me; 10 years later I still adore it. It is classic, elegant, timeless, and really from his heart.

Secondly, my grandfathers rocking chair that was restored by my dad so that I could use it as a nursing chair when I was pregnant with my first daughter. It represents so much that is important to me.

Thirdly, my smart phone. Yes, I am addicted and don’t think that I could survive a day without it.

Dainty and Divine - Beautiful Christening Gowns and Children's Clothing

My secret talent is…

Crochet; my grandmother taught me when I was 17 years old.  I had glandular fever when I was in year 11 and missed a substantial amount of school. To cheer me up she bought every colour wool that she could find and I made a queen size rainbow blanket, which still makes me simile when I see it.

Three things most people don’t know about me are…

  1. I love pickling and preserving and would love to learn how to make cheese.
  2. Despite my old fashioned hobbies I am actually from Generation Y.
  3. Cheeky Moose Co. my hair accessories business is named after my miniature fox terrier “Moose”


You can find the full range of Dainty and Divine products via their online store, or visit Cheeky Moose Co. on Etsy.



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1 comment to Behind the Scenes with Dainty and Divine

  • Melanie, you are so very talented! Your products are gorgeous and timeless.
    Nice to see an Australian business supporting Australian made handcraft and work at home mums.
    Dainty & Divine truly lives up to its name.
    THANK YOU for supporting My little business Tiny Tesori – beautiful pieces to treasure.

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