Giggle and Hoot Review and Giveaway!

Here at {KID} independent, we absolutely love ABC Kids, and as such consider ourselves to be a true Giggle and Hoot Household! This week I recruited a little crew of Giggle and Hoot fans for a play date to try out some of the new Giggle and Hoot merchandise that has recently landed at the ABC shop. Check out our review, and be sure to enter the Giggle and Hoot giveaway!

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Our super fun day with Giggle and Hoot…
Okay parents, aunties, and uncles… here’s the lowdown on Giggle and Hoot. If you swag a room full of overexcited kids with Giggle and Hoot merch, you can expect squeals, wide-eyes, over-exaggerated hand gestures, and possibly a few running-around-in-circles-until-you-crash-into-something-ouchies… I recommend that you do so in room full of cushions and then retreat to the couch to bask in your coolness as you take in all the shenanigans.

We started our Giggle and Hoot day with the 9-piece wooden play set, which is great for stimulating little imaginations and allows kids to set up scenes from their favourite Giggle and Hoot episodes; or in our case, make up totally new ones like… “Hoot turns into a caterpillar and hides in the pantry” – ahhh, the imaginations of kids.

We spent our afternoon trying out the Gigglepaws and Pals DVD, which has since been running on repeat. This DVD includes episodes from Play School, Timmy Time, Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures, Banana’s in Pyjamas, and Tilly and Friends… it’s pretty rad. Oh, and Yo Gabba Gabba is on there too, perfect for kids who are awestruck by their upcoming Australian tour.

At dinner time, we packed our toys into the Galaxy Backpack (it has a wild rocket on the front) and stashed them safely under the table, just so we “know that they are still there” while we eat a giant plate of broccoli (uhuh, wishful thinking).

At bedtime, we pulled out the pick of bunch from the Giggle and Hoot range: the Hoot Pyjamas and Jimmy Giggle Doll. This was the best part of the day for Mr-Three, whose daddy has a scarily similar hairdo to Jimmy Giggle (and his replica doll)! I think if I purchased the yellow pyjamas in adult size for daddy I could send this child into some kind of parallel playtime universe! We settled in for a bedtime read with The Giggle Galaxy board book and set off “Flying into space where we cruised at giggle speed…” – what is giggle speed you ask? So fast that your hair turns backwards and your shirt ends up inside out (thanks dad).

The playtime verdict… This is a fun, good quality collection that is sure to be loved by all the little Giggle and Hoot fans out there. Kids love to see their favourite ABC characters in their lounge rooms and parents love to see little eyes light up and little brains ticking over as ideas and adventures come to life.


Giggle and HootA Sweet Giggle and Hoot Giveaway…
This month, ABC Shops will stock and exclusive range of Giggle and Hoot products. The release of this fab new ranges of specially designed toys, games, clothing, accessories and books will make every day hootastic! For more information, visit ABC Shop Online or via Facebook.

There’s also a chance to win a personalised Giggle and Hoot video message and more prizes via Instagram! Enter #TheGiggleGalazy Giggle and Hoot Instagram Giveaway here.

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