Creative Cravings... How Do You Like Them Apples?

Fresh, fruity, fun, healthy, delicious, crunchy, red, green, shiny, charming… This selection of goodies is inspired by my favourite snack (okay, well maybe not my all-time favourite snack… unless you count apple-shaped chocolate) but nonetheless… it’s up there on my fruit-meter (if such a thing exists)… uh, yeah… let’s move along shall we… APPLES!

Handmade Kids Hoodies, Pants, Rompers, Toys, Apples

  1. Babies Cashmere Apple Jumper
  2. Organic Red Apple Kids Tee
  3. Handmade Crochet Apple Hat
  4. Corduroy Pants Big Apple
  5. Children’s Apple Hoodie
  6. Pink Felt Mary Janes with Appliqued Apples
  7. Duns Organic Apple Romper
  8. Apple Pencil Roll
  9. Green Apple Toddler Hat
  10. Apple Wood Puzzle
  11. Turquoise Apple Tee
  12. Oobi Apple Jumper


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