Friday the 13th... Big Scary Monsters!

It’s Friday the 13th… and these big scary monsters with their horribly sharp teeth and their spine-tingling roars have taken over KID independent! Don’t let them lull you into a false sense of security with their sweet faces, and their soft fur… they’ll take off your pinky if you’re not careful.

Handmade Monsters, Toys, Softies, Plush

  1. Gordon the Olive Green Monster
  2. Cecil Amigurumi Plush Monster
  3. Toothy Joe the Pink Sock Monster
  4. Big Bob the Drool Monster Plush
  5. Jimmy from the Monster Factory
  6. Felt ZomBunny Evolution Pocket Plush
  7. Santa Muerte Black and Red Monster
  8. Blue Cross-eyed Monster Plush
  9. Lev the Pink Mini Monster
  10. Miss Vinxtaloo Limited Edition Vinyl Plush Monster
  11. Gipper the Red Wool Monster
  12. Floyd the Rainbow Monster Plush


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