Designer of the Week - Kawaii Kids + OB Designs!

Hey guys, ready for some sweet treats from our friends at Kawaii Kids and OB Designs? We’ve been cyber friends with Andrea at Kawaii Kids ever since we launched KID independent several years ago, and just love all the quirky goodies that she picks out for her store. Today we’re reviewing the OB Designs range…

Kawaii Kids, OB Designs Softies, Plush Toys

The Product Review

Boy, oh boy, these OB Designs teddy bears are ssssssssoft! They’re great for tactile kids who love to stroke or cuddle soft fabrics for comfort. In fact, our little reviewer this week is 5-and-a-half and has a sensory processing issue. I gave Bubba Bear to his mum, who left Bubba sitting in the TV beanbag as a surprise. She sent me this message, “Aiden has been sitting in his beanbag for the past hour and a half, watching The Lion King and stroking the bear. I swear that bear is going to start purring any minute.”

The verdict… A sweet, scruffy bundle of love.

The Indie Label

Andrea started out online with a store called Soda Pop Kids (back in 2007) and launched Kawaii Kids in 2009. She says, “I really wanted to bring something unique and different to the market, and loved the Japanese/Korean influenced clothing. It took a bit longer than I anticipated to source the ranges I was after, as they are always changing and I still mix it up from week to week with ordering. We now also stock a good mix of Aussie, boutique, handmade and designer ranges online and in store, alongside our Korean imports”.

Kawaii Kids, OB Designs Softies, Plush Toys

The Creative Mind

Andrea describes her style as “Colourful, different, fun and interesting … I put anything with everything and don’t stick with one style. Mix and match at its best!” – If you’ve had the opportunity to visit either Andrea’s online store, or her bricks and mortar store in Victoria, you’ll know just what she’s talking about!

OB Designs have just released their new range of softies (as reviewed above), but they also make lovely rattles, which you can find in-store at Kawaii Kids. Andrea says, “OB Designs are original, quirky and fun. They are also incredibly soft and have so much character! We’ve stocked this range since they first hit the market and it’s great to see them grow from strength to strength”.

Alongside OB Designs, Andrea also stocks Aussie labels such as Oishi-m, Sapling, Pip Organic, Wean Meister, Britt, Apple & Mint … and more!

Kawaii Kids, OB Designs Softies, Plush Toys

The Whimsical Spirit

I asked Andrea for three fun facts about herself, and she said, “I’m honestly a bit of a work-a-holic and quite boring… but I do love to read”. I would suggest that Andrea is anything but boring! She’s mum to three delightful children, Connor (7), Imogen (6) and Anieka (3). She has lovingly created one of the coolest kids stores on the net; and I’ve come to think of her as generous, cheerful, and kind! (I reckon her friends, family, and 14k Facebook fans would agree).

Limited Edition

Swing by Kawaii Kids to check out all the latest goodies, including kids clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, decor and more! Here’s a little peek at what’s in store…

Kawaii Kids, OB Designs Softies, Plush Toys, Oishi-m, Kids Shoes

>> Shop the collection at Kawaii Kids

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