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Hello folks! It’s 7am here in Brisbane, and as I type this post I can feel my fingers slowly turning into little icicles from the winter chill… Given our reputation for mild winter days, I can only imagine how the rest of the southern hemisphere is coping! With that in mind, I’d like to bring a little warmth into your life via our new friend Stefanie from Yellow House Knits.

Yellow House Knits - Hand Knitted Baby, Kids, Jumpers, Sweaters, Cardigans

The Product Review

This week we had the pleasure of testing out a purple, teal and lime green hand knitted cardigan from the Yellow House Knits Friendship Heights collection. It’s made from supremely soft merino wool and features a button up front and cosy hood, which is perfectly snug for this time of year. Stefanie aims to knit heirloom-quality sweaters for little ones and she has certainly succeeded with this gorgeous creation.

This particular knit was designed for boys, but looks just as cute on girls. The quality is superb, so this one will definitely be making its way into the ‘love-me-again’ collection – bundling up future generations to come.

The verdict… A little bit of love and a whole lot of sweetness!

Yellow House Knits - Hand Knitted Baby, Kids, Jumpers, Sweaters, Cardigans

The Indie Label

Yellow House Knits was born on Memorial Day weekend of 2009. It all started with a simple green baby sweater that Stefanie knitted for a dear friend who was expecting her first child. She says, “Everyone at the shower oohed and aahed over the tiny sweater, so a few months later, I knitted one for another friend. And then another, and another. Soon, I was knitting sweaters faster than my friends were having babies. So I decided it was time to find other people to knit for… Since then I’ve expanded into more complicated designs with embellishments that make each sweater special”.

The name Yellow House Knits is a literal explanation of where the magic happens… in Stefanie’s little yellow abode. She lives on a block of rainbow coloured houses, and says, “My yellow house stands out from the others. I like to think that even among so many colourful offerings for kids, my bright colours and stripes also stand apart”.

Yellow House Knits - Hand Knitted Baby, Kids, Jumpers, Sweaters, Cardigans

The Creative Mind

Stefanie works exclusively with merino wool, which creates a gloriously soft sweater, perfect for kids who don’t like itchy wool against their skin. Her simple purpose? She wants her sweaters to make people smile.

Drawing inspiration every day from the world around her, Stefanie explains, “I see new sweater designs and colour patterns in nature, in art and architecture, in fabric and rugs and wallpaper, in wrapped birthday presents, and in store displays. This weekend, I saw a Dalmatian wearing a pink and orange collar and my mind was racing with ideas. I am constantly snapping pictures of places and things that inspire me, and I have a sketch book filled with ideas. Unfortunately, I dream much more rapidly than I knit! I love custom orders because they give me the chance to create something brand new, and often one-of-a-kind, for a client. I wish I could move to a custom-only model, but I think a lot of clients prefer having defined choices”.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Stefanie (in her own words):

  1. I am a Dog Person. I can’t pass a dog without stopping to say hello. My current dog friend is a black-and-white darling named Arrow (who wants desperately to be able to help me knit).

  2. I think a freshly picked ripe August tomato is the perfect food. Add a little salt, pepper, and basil, and it’s pure heaven.

  3. I’m on a quest to have my picture taken at all of the 50 state capitols in the United States. So far I have 12 down, with two more scheduled for later this summer.

The Handmade Collection

Stefanie knits heirloom-quality sweaters for babies and kids in bright colours, bold patterns, and casual styles. She says, “All handmade sweaters are beautiful, but I think some take themselves a little too seriously. Childhood is FUN, and the clothes kids wear should be too”. You can find Stefanie online at Etsy, or follow her on Facebook for all the latest news.

Yellow House Knits - Hand Knitted Baby, Kids, Jumpers, Sweaters, Cardigans

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