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If there’s one thing that I love about winter, it’s cute and cosy hand knitted goodies made by talented artisans like our Designer of the Week – Sonia from Creative Aertz. Sonia recently made it onto the KID independent radar with her lovely cupcake hat, and today I’m delighted to share our review. Enjoy the sweetness!

Creative Aertz Hand Knitted Baby, Children's Hats, Beanies

The Product Review

There’s so much to adore about this little cupcake hat, starting with the bright and cheerful pink and aqua yarn (my favourite colours) and finishing with the adorable cherry on top. The cupcake hat is hand knitted in your choice of acrylic or wool and you can choose any colour you wish for the base and the icing. The shape of the hat is all kinds of charming and the style looks equally lovely with a dress and tights, a pair of jeans, or even your favourite trackies.

Priced from $20 – $35, this hat is makes an adorable addition to any winter wardrobe.

The verdict… cute, cosy, and covetable!

The Indie Label

Sonia has been working away at her lovely label for around 8 years and she currently sells through various websites and shops. Her love for knitting developed as a little girl after learning the craft from her mum. Sonia say that she started her business, Creative Aertz, when she became a stay at home mum, “mainly for my sanity and to have an outlet for my creative mind”.

Sonia chose the name Creative Aertz to incorporate her maiden name (Aerts). She says, “I changed the S to a Z though as I also have a typing business and I didn’t want potential customers to think I had made an obvious spelling mistake with Aerts/Arts – that would not be good advertising!!”

Creative Aertz Hand Knitted Baby, Children's Hats, Beanies

The Creative Mind

Sonia is inspired by everything and anything in her natural surroundings. She loves colour and draws a lot of inspiration from her children’s brightly coloured books, kiddy TV programs, and nature. She explains, “My brain is so full of different ideas. My passion is knitting and my knitting needles go everywhere with me. I started with knitting a range of funky hats for children and adults and they were so popular that I have now expanded into beautiful knitted baby wear. I also love making photography props on request”.

Sonia offers most of her products on a custom made basis to allow her customers to obtain the perfect product. She also loves to sew and her ever popular personalised bunnies with satin ears are one of her top sellers. When Sonia isn’t sewing, she enjoys spending time with her two gorgeous children, handsome 9-year-old Zac (a gentle giant who is already as tall as Sonia) and 6-year-old Esmē (the little firecracker) who is turning 6 at the end of July.

Creative Aertz Hand Knitted Baby, Children's Hats, Beanies

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Sonia (in her own words):

  1. I married my high school sweetheart (who I met when I was just 14) and we live in a small rural town in the Waikato, NZ.

  2. I broke my arm at my wedding reception and spent my honeymoon in hospital waiting for surgery.

  3. I was born into a Dutch immigrant family.  I was a very late addition, a “bonus”, so I am actually the same age as my oldest nieces and nephews.

The Handmade Collection

At Creative Aertz you’ll find a range of handmade creations in vibrant colours with special little touches like knitted flowers or unique buttons. Snap up a unique creation here, or visit Creative Aertz on Facebook for all the latest news.

Creative Aertz Hand Knitted Baby, Children's Hats, Beanies

Creative Aertz Hand Knitted Baby, Children's Hats, Beanies

Images by Keepsake Photography

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  • Thanks so much for the awesome review.

  • Nicky Crocker

    Congratulations Sonia, this is fantastic and so well deserved. The lovely Sonia is a good friend of mine and makes the most gorgeous handmade creations, as you can see, fantastic quality, and truly made with love xo

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