Creative Cravings... Supermoon Shenanigans!

Did everyone have the chance to see the supermoon on the weekend? If not, there will be another chance in August and September, with astronomers predicting that the supermoon on 10 August (aka the Sturgeon moon) will be the biggest of the year, when the moon is closest to the Earth. Here’s a little theme all about moons to keep you in the supermoon spirit…

Supermoon Kids T-shirts, Art, Accessories, Decor

  1. Love You To The Moon and Back Print
  2. Wooden Moon Prop
  3. Moon Print Children’s Tank Top
  4. Kids Moon Tee
  5. Teal Moon Nursery Print
  6. Moon And Stars Necklace
  7. Satellite Imagery Bobby Pins
  8. To the Moon and Back Acrylic Banner
  9. Mixed Media Moon Girl
  10. Lunar Moon Cycle Cushion
  11. Moon And Stars Serving Platter With Cookie Cutter
  12. Love You To The Moon And Back Necklace

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