New Music - Wired by Recess Monkey

Hey friends, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I’ve been a bit slow getting this review written after a very busy June/July but since these guys are one of my all time favourite children’s bands I couldn’t let this one pass you by. You’ll be super glad you decided to press play on this quirky offering from Recess Monkey. Especially if you love Lego!

Wired by Recess Monkey

Wired by Recess Monkey celebrates the tech generation with an awesome album all about inventions, games, machines, and building stuff. One of my personal favourite tracks is ‘Brick by Brick’ which is sure to be loved by Lego-mad households (watch the video below). I also got a kick out of the track ‘Duct Tape World’ and could empathize with the sentiment of ‘Batteries Not Included’. This album rolls out one classic after another and is pleasant on parents’ ears (even after the tenth time in row).

Recess Monkey is a superbly talented trio and each new album release quickly becomes a treasured member of the family; providing a soundtrack for family life.



Find out more or buy the album via the Recess Monkey website.


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