Healthy Lunch Challenge with Nude Food Movers!

This week we’ve challenged five fabulously creative Aussie mums to whip up a delicious packed lunch for the little folks that is 1. healthy, 2. delicious, and 3. rubbish free! We’ve enlisted the help of Nude Food Movers with each mum working with a Nude Food Movers lunch box and matching accessories. Vote for your favourite lunch to go in the draw to win a Nude Food Movers Mega Pack!

Nude Food Movers Healthy Lunch by Tied with a Ribbon

1. Jemima from Tied with a Ribbon
Jemima is the creative mind behind handmade label Tied with a Ribbon; a little design studio in Perth. Jemima’s lunch features her famous Zucchini Slice, which is a big hit with her daughters! Jemima explains, “As my girls are 10 and 11 they like foods that are easy to eat and that will keep them “hungry free”  for most of the day.  I always pack them lots of fruit and protein, with few treats. They are often involved in the making and cooking of the foods that go in their lunch boxes”.

“Neither are big sandwich fans so we make Zucchini Slice together. This recipe can be changed up to add all sorts of different vegetables and meats. In this version there is zucchini, ham, cheese and eggs.  This Zucchini Slice can be baked, portioned and frozen so that it can be easily placed into their lunch boxes and is defrosted by lunch time. It’s also a great way to “hide” vegetables.”

“The treat is this lunch is chocolate truffles that we make with Milk Arrowroot Biscuits, Coconut, Cocoa and Condensed Milk. These are fun and easy for kids to make.”

Nude Food Movers Healthy Lunch by Kawaii Kids

2. Andrea from Kawaii Kids
Andrea is based in Victoria and balances her busy role as head honcho at Kawaii Kids with her responsibilities as mum to three delightful kidlets. Andrea has created a simple & healthy salad wrap combo with fruit, veges, and a muesli bar that is easy to whip up for school, road trips, or picnics.

Andrea says, “I was impressed with how much fitted in! The containers were easy for my youngest to open and the top sandwich/roll/wrap section lid stays out of the way nicely to eat over it and not drop crumbs. With many schools embracing ‘nude food’ during play and lunch, I would highly recommend these to other mums”.

Nude Food Movers Healthy Lunch by Momes

3. Chloe from Mômes
Chloe is the style guru behind boys clothing label Mômes in Sydney, New South Wales and is also the mum of two cool little dudes. Her lunch is inspired by a trip to the zoo. Chloe says, “Our lunch features red seedless grapes, fresh mixed berries with yogurt, toasted cheese and vegemite bunny and bear sandwiches with avocado spread, raisin toast slice, carrots, and cucumbers. The eyes and moustaches are made from seaweed!”

Nude Food Movers Healthy Lunch by Bobkin

4. Vanessa from Bobkin
Vanessa from Bobkin is a super seamstress and pattern maker from Townsville in North Queensland with a fabulously fun household that includes her four children, two pooches, and loving husband. Her sweet picnic themed lunch includes a healthy ham and salad wrap, fresh fruit and vege sticks, a dollop or two of natural yoghurt, and an adorable apple that is carefully cuddled up a handknitted apple cosy. Simply delightful!

Nude Food Movers Healthy Lunch by Kapow Kids

5. Andrea from KaPow Kids
Andrea is the brains behind KaPow Kids from Melbourne, Victoria, and is also mum to little man Flynn, a two year old who shares Andrea’s love of comics, superheroes, and power-packed lunches. Andrea has crafted a healthy combination featuring a prosciutto and cheese sandwich, beautiful black grapes, chopped banana, and kiwi chunks. This creation is suitable for all ages, mums and dads included!


We’d like to send a huge thank you to all of our creative mums for taking the time to put together these nutritious, delicious, rubbish free lunches. If you’d like to learn more about Nude Food Movers, you can visit their website, or follow them on Facebook. You can also enter our giveaway (below) to win a Nude Food Movers pack so you can get creative with your own rubbish free lunches.


Competition - Giveaway - WinWould you like to win a Nude Food Movers Mega Pack? To enter, simply vote for your favourite lunch via the Rafflecopter widget below. You can also score extra entries into the prize draw by joining us on Facebook or tweeting about the giveaway. Winner announced on 24 July, 2014. Prize includes: Rubbish Free Lunchbox, Cool Skin Assist, Triple Snack Tube, Double Snack Tube, Cutlery Pod, and Gel Tops Set of 3.

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