Raise Your Hand by The Not-Its!

Hey folks! Are you in the mood for some kindy power-rock from Seattle favourites The Not-Its? These guys have just released their brand new album, Raise Your Hand, and it’s jam-packed with big sounds and awesome lyrics. I like how these guys manage to deliver banging tracks without the obnoxiousness… with some deep subject matter thrown in too!

Raise Your Hand by The Not-Its

Raise Your Hand by The Not-Its covers a range of topics from funny cat videos, to making the most out of every day, taking turns in the classroom, 80s nostalgia, and the many different ways to make up a family. “Love is Love” is my favourite track on the album and is inspired by an encouraging letter President Obama wrote to a young girl with two dads who was teased at school.

You can listen to a few of the tracks below, and/or buy the album here.



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