Random Coolness... Sleepy Softies!

Sweet, sleepy softies… can you think of a more adorable theme for a collection of handcrafted, sketched, stitched, or crocheted delights? I’d like to add one of each of these creations to my collection, especially the sleepy kitty on top left and the sleepy lamb fleece hat for Blythe. Oh, and did someone mention a sleepy robot with warm fluffy bunny slippers? Delightful!

Sleepy Toys, Softies, Kids, Children, Art


1. Sleepy Teddy, 2. Sleepy Cat, 3. Sleepy Lamb
4. Sleepy Bunny, 5. Sleepy Foxes, 6. Sleepy Kitty
7. Sleepy Owl, 8. Sleepy Puppy 9. Sleepy Robot

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