Designer of the Week - Sherbet Tree

The Sherbet Tree is a little craft house that creates vintage inspired handmade goodies with oodles of character. The current collection boasts a range of children’s clothing, accessories, decor, and toys – all with a retro vibe. My personal favourite is the hoodlum vest, and today I’m delighted to share my review.

Sherbet Tree Retro, Vintage Kids Clothing, Toys, Accessories

The Product Review

The Sherbet Tree Hoodlum Vest features funky retro styling with an oversized hood to keep your little ones warm, snug AND stylish. Each hoodlum is made using genuine vintage fabrics with wool or quilted polyester/nylon and cotton linings. I love the contrasting pop of pattern that you get from the inside of the hood and on the button and loop closure. These vests are roomy enough to take you through a couple of winters and are very well made – making them cost effective and perfect for passing on to siblings.

The verdict… Sustainably stylish and wickedly retro!

Sherbet Tree Retro, Vintage Kids Clothing, Toys, Accessories

The Indie Label

Sherbet Tree designer, Anya, began dabbling in sewing when her eldest daughter was born 13 years ago. Anya explains, “At the time, I couldn’t find anything ‘cool enough’ in stores. Over the years my style has evolved and finally after many years of procrastinating and countless nudges from family & friends, I decided to start my current business Sherbet Tree in 2009”.

Anya’s business name is a nod to her love of the 60s and 70s. She originally wanted to call the label simply “Sherbet” but the Dept of Fair Trading spoiled the fun and wouldn’t allow the name. Anya says, “I had to add something to it and tree was about the most opposite word I could find to Sherbet! Rather apt don’t you think as a tree starts from a seed?”

The Creative Mind

Anya is mum to three children; two girls aged 13 and 11, and one boy aged 3. She draws her inspiration from a range of sources including memories from her childhood, a fabulous piece of fabric, or simply flicking through the pages of old books.

Anya likes to work with retro and vintage fabrics and tends to lean towards the retro styling of the 60s and 70s – with a twist! She explains, “It’s all about the notion to recycle: recreate: revive & re-love old fabrics: breathing new life into them”.

Sherbet Tree Retro, Vintage Kids Clothing, Toys, Accessories

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Anya (in her own words):

  1. Op shopping is a favourite pass time.

  2. I have had a thing for owls ever since I was little.

  3. In a previous life I used to love restoring old cars and furniture.

The Handmade Collection

Sherbet Tree is based in Avoca Beach, NSW and Anya will happily post her creations both locally and globally. You can find her at assorted local markets, snap up your favourite hoodlum vest via Anya’s Etsy store, or check out her full range of custom creations and new releases online via Facebook. Anya also makes a range of Blythe accessories such as beanbags, clothing, and the super sweet retro hanging chairs that you see below.

Sherbet Tree Retro, Vintage Blythe Clothing, Toys, Accessories

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