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Hello friends, I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. Sunday is a great day for relaxing to some new music, so I’ve invited KID independent music reviewer and Aussie mum Julie to give us her feedback on the new album from Hullabaloo – “Shy Kid Blues”. This newly released album makes a wonderful addition to your collection, and provides an educational experience as well as a little bit of musical fun.

Hullabaloo Shy Kid Blues

Julie’s Review

The concept of resilience in children has gained considerable social interest in recent years – with talk of how developing this skill as a personality trait early in life can be a lifelong asset, which may see kids becoming confident and happy adults.

“Shy Kid Blues” by Hullabaloo is one of those lucky musical finds that speaks to kids and adults alike about finding that inner confidence to get stuck into life and to learn how to deal with the feelings of anxiety we may often be confronted with, as a result of new experiences or change.

As a fledgling Mum, I am quite often paralysed with fear (on the inside!) about whether my kids are fitting in. Whether they will develop the skills to deal with rejection, failure and just plain being in a grumpy mood.  This is a beautifully constructed album, which skillfully addresses these (at times) emotional issues in an age appropriate way and focuses on developing inner strength, often from those around us.

Hullabaloo Shy Kid Blues

Written as a narrative and alternating between monologues and songs, this album tells the story of the ups and downs of a beautiful lifelong friendship between two boys with inherently different personalities – one shy and one confident.  The two boys are in fact the core members of Hullabaloo, Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer, friends since kindergarten.  Although there are several indicators of the passing of time, the story is uncomplicated and serves as a good base to tease out the meaning of the tribulations of growing up.

The album is reflective of how friendships form and how individuality can develop from a true friendship.  Tracks 6 & 12, “Best Friends Forever” and “That’s Just Us Playing Rock-n-Roll”, are especially sweet.  They could easily apply not only to best friendships but also to the sibling relationship, which can often become a lifelong source of support.

Also poignant are song 14 and 22, “Sometimes Even I Feel Shy” and “Like a Bird Must Feel”, looking at variable emotions and the feeling of elation when you finally conquer a previously unattainable skill!

Ideally suited to primary school aged children and older, this album may also appeal to pre-primary kids who might be struggling to master a new skill or fit into a new environment.

With over 10 albums to their credit, Hullabaloo has a distinctly country-rock feel and you can’t help but find yourself settling into the music like a comfy old pair of slippers, whilst giving you and the kids lots of good and thought-provoking times to mull over!

>> Find out more about Hullabaloo, or purchase a copy of the CD here

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