Designer of the Week - Bao Bao

It’s time to introduce our very creative designers of the week, Anat and Merav from Bao Bao! This talented duo create a range of accessories for children, including back packs, bath mats, blankets, bottle holders, and our favourite; activity mats! The current range includes owls (in different colours) and frogs… Check out our review.

Bao Bao Owl Activity Play Mat

The Product Review

In review today we have the Bao Bao Owl Shaped Activity Mat. This playful piece is very well constructed, with 100% organic cotton on top and a waterproof base. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play (although we recommend not leaving it outside in the elements).

The mat measures 1.5m and is filled with cushy stuffing for comfort and tactile exploration. In addition, you’ll find sewn on “taggies” around the edge of the mat, including the owl’s beak, which opens up for imaginative “hooting”. We tried out the mat with brothers Liam (11 months) and Hamish (3 years)… and as it turns out… this mat is also super fun for “flying like an owl” around the polish wooden floors (aka Hamish taking Liam for a super crazy ride).

The verdict… practical, playful, and built to last.

Bao Bao Frog Activity Play Mat

The Indie Label

Sisters, Anat and Merav, launched Bao Bao (which translates to “baby” in Chinese) in late 2013. Anat explains, “The idea to start our label came up after my sister and I became parents. We were always searching for cool, high quality products for our baby boys…” Bao Bao brings together the joint imaginations of Anat and Merav, with a growing range of useful products aimed at making life easier, and more fun!

Bao Bao Children's Activity Play Mat

The Creative Mind

Anat and Merav draw their inspiration from their sons (Merav has a 2 year old, and Anat has a 3 year old and a 1 month old) as well as everyday life, interesting textiles, and the joy of being a parent. They work exclusively with natural fabrics (cottons and organics) and are always hunting for unique, vibrant prints.

Bao Bao Children's Activity Play Mat

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Anat and Merav (in their own words):

  1. We both have a serious shopping addiction

  2. Our boys are also the models in our catalogue

  3. Anat is a graphic designer and Merav is an interior designer

The Handmade Collection

You can find out more about Bao Bao online via their website, shop for your favourite items via Etsy, or keep in the loop via Facebook.

Bao Bao Children's Activity Play Mat

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