Designer of the Week - Gaga Couture!

It’s hard to believe that the Australian winter will soon be over, but we’re super excited about the new release spring lines that will soon be hitting the shelves. One such collection is currently being sewn by our friend Belinda from Gaga Couture. Today we’re test driving a couple of our favourites – in punchy colourways and cheerful prints… it’s all about trans-seasonal dressing!

Gaga Couture Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants

The Product Review

This week we tested out the Gaga Couture harem pants in two new prints. First up, the funky Aztec print is made from 100% woven cotton with an easy wearing “MC Hammer” style silhouette and plenty of room to bust a move. These pants are lightweight and perfect for spring and summer, with a comfy elastic waist and a vibrant pattern that would look super cool with just about any top, even a plain white bonds singlet. Pair it with a Gaga Couture dribble bib and you’ve got yourself a stylin’ little outfit.

The second pair of harems that we tested feature a mustard and grey colour palette with a smiley tiger print, made from 100% organic cotton knit. These harems have been getting a work out from Mr-Almost-Four and we think they make the perfect transition pants to take you through the end of winter and into spring. We seriously dig the fabric, but we also love the slim leg with a slightly dropped crotch.

The verdict… Two parts sweet + one part swagger!

Gaga Couture Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants

The Indie Label

Belinda took her first steps into the fashion business back in 2009, whilst on maternity leave with her twin boys. She explains, “At first it was mostly a creative outlet during nap time which led to my yearning to turn a creative ‘hobby’ into a business. I launched Gaga Couture in late 2010, and I haven’t looked back!”

When choosing her business name, Belinda looked for inspiration from the little people in her life. She says, “No I didn’t name it after Lady Gaga… far from it! It was more of a play on baby words that I used to say to my boys whilst playing with them… goo goo ga ga! So I dropped the goo goo and added Couture…”

Gaga Couture Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants, Dresses, Rompers

The Creative Mind

Belinda designs her label with comfort in mind and prefers to work with woven cottons and knits. She is currently working with a lot of funky organics and has started designing her own fabric, screen printing and dyeing, and dreaming of new creations. Belinda explains, “I lay in bed every night dreaming up ideas and have a note book to jot them down. Often a piece of fabric will inspire me, or blogs and magazines, or my childhood photos and memories. I also draw inspiration from my boys, who don’t like ‘fuss and fancy’ clothes. I like to think the simplicity of my designs is part of their charm!”

Gaga Couture Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants, Leggings

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s a few fun facts about Belinda (in her own words):

  1. I have an Italian heritage and married a Greek

  2. I love to bake and considered a career as a chef during my school years

  3. I was born and raised in Canberra and moved to Sydney at the age of 19

  4. I used to play the guitar

The Handmade Collection

At Gaga Couture you’ll find a range of bibs, knot headbands, harem pants, leggings, playsuits and dresses. Belinda creates tons of unisex items and also makes a variety of boy and girl designs. She will be releasing a batch of new designs very shortly, so be sure to follow her on Facebook, Etsy, or Madeit.

Gaga Couture Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants

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