Lishy Lou and Lucky Too TV Series!

We’re always so delighted to share new stuff from Lucky Diaz and Alisha Gaddis (aka Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band). Their latest project is a children’s live-action TV show called Lishy Lou and Lucky Too, and boy oh boy, is it fun! The full series is available now for pre-order and is officially launching on 1 Sept, 2014. Check out the preview below.

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too

Lishy Lou and Lucky live together in a magical treehouse with their dear friend Thingamajig. Each episode, Lishy Lou and Lucky will throw a party for their guests (the audience) that will be based on a theme.

Each party has its own unique complications, which will be solved through a lesson inspired by their friend Thingamajig. These lessons teach a variety of social skills, values, and historical facts, depending upon that day’s theme. Best of all, these episodes are enjoyable for mums and dads to watch too.



Lishy Lou and Lucky Too integrates music, dancing, bilingual (English/Spanish) language, and creativity for the viewer – which is important for children’s overall development. The jump-jiving dance party encourages kids to move and groove and celebrate together!

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too

These guys are super talented, wildly whimsical, and all kinds of awesome!

>> Find out more at the Lishy Lou and Lucky Too website


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