New Music - Precious Child: Songs & Lullabies

Hey folks, I hope you’re having a superb weekend. I’m enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon with family and friends and thought this would be the perfect moment to share a new release children’s album called Precious Child – Songs & Lullabies. This album provides a lovely soundtrack for your bedtime routine and features soothing tones and chilled out melodies.

Precious Child - Songs & Lullabies

Precious Child – Songs & Lullabies¬†features legendary artists, the late Joe Beck (a guitarist who has played with Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra) and Darryl Tookes (a vocalist who has recorded with Michael Jackson, Sting, Elton John, Paul Simon and others). This talented duo, inspired by their own parenting experiences, have created an album that provides an easy listening experience for both parents and their little ones. The song below, Daddy’s always here, reminds me a title track from the Disney movies of my own childhood.


Lastly, how sweet is this photo of Darryl, back in the early days, with one of the inspirations for this album?

Darryl Tookes

This album is available on iTunes, or via MGP Records

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