New Music - Sea Blue Sea by The Whizpops!

The Whizpops! are just about to release their brand new album – a nautical adventure called Sea Blue Sea. The album comes to you courtesy of a highly successful Kickstarter campaign which produced enough funds for the album as well as a soon to be released series of illustrated children’s books and music videos. Fancy a preview?

Sea Blue Sea by The Whizpops!


Sea Blue Sea features ten top tracks that tell tantalising tall tales about oceanic life. You can expect to hear 70s disco beats, calypso cuts, a reggae flavour, and some awesome story telling. On your adventure you’ll meet manatees, dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles, blue whales and starfish… and you’ll learn stuff you never knew about these awesomely cool creatures.

This is a pretty laid back album which is equally enjoyable as a background soundtrack during playtime, or as a talking point or educational experience. My favourite tracks are Blue Whale and Starfish for their interesting lyrics and laid back melodies. You can listen to the album below and/or pre-order your copy (for a 19 August release) at The Whizpops! website.



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