Random Coolness... Pink Hued Do!

Pink is one of my guilty pleasures… even though I’ve always been somewhat of a tomboy. There’s just something a bit kitsch and quirky about a pink haired doll, especially when they’re lovingly handmade, with oodles of character, and cheerful facial expressions. This collection features sweet petites from all around the globe. Enjoy!

Pink Hair Handmade Dolls, Ragdolls

Pink Hued Do…

1. Miss Phoebe, 2. Kitty Meow, 3. Sweet Mermaid
4 .Berry Bright, 5. Miss Camille, 6. Lil Sparkle
7. Bebe Ballerina, 8. Rainbow Sherbet, 9. Snuggle Bunny

Click here to hear the soundtrack to this collection!

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