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Regular readers of KID independent will be well aware of my fondness for whimsical dolls and toys. Earlier this month I met the lovely Casie from Bebe Babies, who introduced me to her newest design, an incredibly soft Blankie BeBe. Lovely Lilac, as we have affectionately named her, flew all the way from Mexico to meet me in Brisbane! Today I’m delighted to share my review.

BeBe Babies Handmade Blankie BeBe Doll

Casie reports that it’s been several years since she has released a new play doll design – so we’re extra delighted to share this little sweetie. Made from ultra-soft minky fabric, with a cherub face and button nose, Blankie Bebe is made for cuddles. The fabric body provides a beautiful tactile experience for little folk, and you can choose your colour from purple, teal, yellow or pink. Blankie Bebe is available in the BeBe Babies Etsy store for around $38, with worldwide shipping available.

The verdict… Adds a little bit of sweetness to your day!

BeBe Babies Handmade Blankie BeBe Doll

Casie started making Bebe Babies back in 2006, originally focusing on OOAK collector dolls. She says, “I was a doll collector myself and when I began collecting cloth dolls I noticed a serious lack of miniature baby dolls.  I was intrigued with trying to make one myself and I worked for several weeks through trial and error to come up with my first design.  My first BeBe Baby was approximately five inches long”.

BeBe Babies Handmade Blankie BeBe Doll

In 2008, Casie launched her first line of play dolls, starting with one design and gradually expanding to six. Her first dolls were weighted with steel BBs and her boyfriend at the time suggested calling them Bebe Babies. The name now has a double meaning as Casie moved to Mexico in 2013 and “baby” is “bebe” in Spanish.

Casie loves to work with lively, bright colours. She says, “It’s been a challenge since moving to Mexico to find the fabrics I like and need. Fabric in Mexico is very utilitarian. There are very few cutesie baby prints or luxurious, bright fabrics.  I was just in the U.S. last week and brought back many colours of fleece and minky fabric because it’s just impossible to find here. My Mum also ships me fabric about every 2-3 months”.

BeBe Babies Handmade Blankie BeBe Doll

Along with the inspiration she draws from her fabrics, Casie has a lifelong love for baby dolls. She explains, “Growing up I was crazy about baby dolls. I don’t think I ever really grew out of it.  There is an exhilaration I remember feeling when opening up a brand new doll. I remember the smell and the happiness I felt. I still feel that way, but instead about my BeBes”.

“Because I’m an adult and really can’t afford to collect dolls myself, I love the idea that because of me I am inspiring that feeling in collectors and children all over the world. The children who receive my dolls are my inspiration. I get that same exhilarating feeling when their parents email me pictures of them playing with my dolls. I don’t think there is anything that makes me happier inside”.

BeBe Babies Handmade Blankie BeBe Doll

Before we leave you today, we thought we’d share three fun facts about Casie – to give you a little peek inside her life outside Bebe Babies.

Take it away Casie…

  1. I moved to Mexico last year to be with the love of my life who I met while studying abroad here. We have another shop called Mexican Fabric and Fashion that we are work on together. I handle most of the online work and modeling and my boyfriend does all the photography. It’s a fun break from making dolls.

  2. I am also an English teacher here in Mexico.

  3. I have many many dreams but ultimately I would love to be able to turn BeBe Babies into a full-time business. If I had infinite funds I would also love to travel more of the world and someday have a piece of property where I could rescue abused/neglected animals.

BeBe Babies Handmade Mini Doll
*BeBe Babies miniature range featuring Blythe dolls by Lindy Dolldreams


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