Designer of the Week - Cheeky Britches!

I’m so delighted to brag about the gorgeous Cheeky Britches Spring Summer 2014 collection. It may seem strange to use the word ‘brag’ given that I had nothing to do with the design or creation of these goodies. However, talking about independent, Australian owned, socially responsible companies, producing incredibly high quality and stylish products… well, it just makes me proud!

Cheeky Britches Bamboo Baby Clothes, Onesies, Harem Pants

The Product Review

In review today we have two products that rate highly on the ‘must have’ list for spring; the Cheeky Britches Bamboo Singlet (available in Peony, Green Tea, Oyster, Sapphire Pink, and Desert Blue) with matching Aladdin Pants (available in Honeysuckle, White Sand, and New Jean).

There’s much to adore about this outfit, starting first and foremost with the silky soft bamboo fabric. After several years of writing for KID independent, the Cheeky Britches textiles still rate in my top three fabrics of all time (maybe even number one). The neckline features a bohemian Moroccan print, which is super stylish and perfectly timeless. The workmanship is outstanding… and let’s not forget about the colours… just gorgeous!

The verdict… Simply chic and well worth every penny.

Cheeky Britches Bamboo Baby Clothes, Onesies, Harem Pants

The Indie Label

Cheeky Britches came to life in 2011, driven by the collective desire of design duo Giorgia and Lucy to dress their babies in bright, fun colours – rather than the stock standard pink and blue.

Over the years Giorgia and Lucy have stayed true to their original ethos; to create cheerful and charming garments, using natural fabrics and sustainable business practices, with comfort and quality in mind.

Cheeky Britches Bamboo Baby Clothes, Onesies, Harem Pants

The Creative Mind

Giorgia and Lucy have two kids each (and one on the way for Lucy) who make fabulous little models for their photo shoots. Marley and Gabriel are both 4 years old. Reese is 2 and Isla is 9 months.

Cheeky Britches¬†garments are made exclusively with natural and organic fibres. Giorgia and Lucy choose new colour palettes each season, but Giorgia is especially fond of the new navy blue release, and Lucy love greens. Along with new hues, Cheeky Britches draws inspiration from countries around the world. The current theme is “Morocco” with an emphasis on bright, mosaic colours and earthy, desert tones.

Cheeky Britches Bamboo Baby Clothes, Onesies, Harem Pants

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s some fun facts about Giorgia and Lucy:


  1. Speaks Spanish

  2. Has an obsession with all things Latin America

  3. Spends a lot of time fantasising about holiday destinations


  1. Works most days with her baby on her back

  2. Also designs and makes beautiful wedding dresses

  3. Has a beautiful singing voice

The Handmade Collection

Cheeky Britches caters for newborns through to toddlers (2-3 years).  You can purchase your favourites via the Cheeky Britches website, or visit the crew on Facebook for all the latest news.

Cheeky Britches Bamboo Baby Blankets

Cheeky Britches Bamboo Baby Clothes, Onesies, Harem Pants

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