KID Tested: I've Got an Ow Children's Health Journal

One of things I enjoy most about writing for KID independent is coming across innovative parenting solutions created by local mums. The I’ve Got an Ow Children’s Health Journal was designed by Monique Smart, a Melbourne mum who appreciates both the hectic lifestyle of busy parents, and the desire to provide a nurturing environment that supports positive health and well being.

I've Got an Ow Children's Health Journal

First of all, let me start by saying that I affectionately refer to my memory as ‘the sieve’ – I’m sure you can guess why! That said, I appreciate a good list, a few check boxes, regular prompts, and a pretty place to store the aforementioned items.

The I’ve Got an Ow Children’s Health Journal is specifically designed to help you coordinate your child’s symptoms, conditions, illnesses, and treatments in chronological order, be it an allergy, a bump on the head, or a fever. It’s perfect for popping in your purse before a trip to the doctor, and can be used to store information for medical providers or record development milestones. I like the fact that it eliminates reliance on memory at times that are likely to be high stress, as it’s never fun having a sick little poppet to worry about.

You can purchase the I’ve Got an Ow Children’s Health Journal online for $26.95, with discounts available for multiple purchases and worldwide shipping available.

The verdict… perfect for parental peace of mind!


I've Got an Ow Children's Health Journal


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