Random Coolness... Kitschy Decor!

Hello and a very happy weekend to you! I’ve been a long time fan of kitschy, retro, quirky, and fun accessories for the home, office, or verandah. There’s nothing like an oddball find to cheer up the place and tickle your guest’s fancy during a Sunday after soiree amidst martinis, lounge music, and fairy bread (yep, that’s how we roll in the KID independent household…). Enjoy!

Retro Kitsch Homwares, Decor, Accessories

Kitschy Decor & Accessories

1. Crafty Crap Tin Cigar Box, 2. Retro Mason Jars, 3. Resin Owl Planter
4. Front Lawn Liaison, 5. Kit-Cat Clock, 6. Retro Art Coasters
7. Retro Stars Kitchenaid Stickers, 8. Kitsch Lamb Sticker, 9. Tipi Table Lamp


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