KID tested... Mother's Corn Eco Containers

A couple of weeks ago I snapped up a Smart Eco Container Set from VnC Online for storing Greek yoghurt and fruit cups in the freezer (a favourite snack in the KID household). The 200ml size makes a perfect portion and the cute little faces, well they’re just heaps of fun. I’ve had them on constant rotation from freezer to fridge, refill, and start again! They’re my new favourite kitchen buddies.

Mother's Corn BPA Free Eco-Friendly Containers

The Smart Eco Container Set is made by Mother’s Corn from BPA free materials. I love how they are easily stackable which is really handy for storage. They line up perfectly in the freezer, standing on each others heads – and I generally give them a hand rinse after use before refilling. You can purchase a set for $39.99, and the quality is superb. These babies are definitely built to last, and they’re super versatile.

The verdict… A handy, long-lasting product, with a hint of whimsy.

Mother's Corn BPA Free Eco-Friendly Containers, Cups, Bowls

You can buy this set, along with a range of other eco feeding products including sippy cups, snack cups, dinners sets, and more – at VnC Online. We are huge fans!


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