Random Coolness... Super Cute Fruit!

Happy weekend! Today’s random coolness is all about delicious fruits… think apples, strawberries, pineapples, lemons, oranges, kiwi fruits, grapes, limes, and watermelons. Spring and summer is the best time of year for fruits, whether its a simple fruit platter, fruit kebabs, fruit pavlova, fruit flan, fruit smoothies… mmmmm, simply scrumptious!

Cute Fruit Hair Clips, Clothing, Kids Shoes, Sonny Angel

Super Cute Fruit…

1. Kiwi Fruit Swing Tee, 2. Sleepy Apple, 3. Organic Strawberry Romper
4. Watermelon Watch, 5. Pineapple Bloomers, 6. Sonny Angel Fruit Series
7. Citrus Slice Wax Seal Stamp , 8. Strawberry Girl Sandals, 9. Strawberry Hair Clip


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