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This week I met the lovely Kate from Wild Ones, mum of three (one girl and two boys) and keen fashion designer. Kate has recently re-branded her label, Wild Ones, with a new direction and a whole lot of gorgeous new fabrics… just in time for spring. Today we’re talking about Kate’s harem shorties – in particular, delicious, vibrant, cheerful strawberries.

Wild One Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants, Shorts

The Product Review

The Wild Ones harem shorties are made from jersey fabric for comfort, and have a fair bit of stretch which makes for easy nappy changes in tiny tots, also allowing the shorts to be pushed up above the knee for a slouchy look on toddlers.

The harem shorties are a new release, with orders open now on a range of fabrics including Anchors, Pineapples, Flamingos, Aqua/Gold Dots and Navy Triangles. They are lightweight, perfect to take you through summer, and can be paired with a simple singlet for a stylish, comfy, and cool look.

The verdict… a little splash of Aussie summer style.

Wild One Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants, Shorts

The Indie Label

Kate originally launched her label as Bubba Squish back in June 2012, recently re-branding to Wild Ones. She explains, “When I had my daughter 6 years ago there was never an issue with being able to buy beautiful and stylish clothes. They were affordable and everywhere. When I fell pregnant with my 1st son I was unable to find clothes that didn’t have teddy bears or cutesy things on them. I wanted something a little more stylish and edgy. But with a lot of other commitments at that time, plus no idea how to sew, I never thought to make my own…”

“When I fell pregnant with our third child and found out we were having a boy I decided to search for fabric. I tried my hand at making blankets, which were quite popular. Next, I began making bottoms – as there seemed to be a shortage of these in the marketplace. I taught myself how to use an over-locker and was surprisingly good at it…”

Wild One Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants, Shorts

The Creative Mind

Kate chose her new name, Wild Ones, to reflect her vision for the brand. She says, “Every child has a wild side and I like choosing fabrics that are a little different to mainstream brands. I hope that through my clothes, a child’s wild side can be expressed”.

Kate works mainly with organic cotton jersey. She draws her inspiration from her boys, and says that while she likes to keep up with trends, she also likes to veer off the beaten track whenever she gets the chance.

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Kate, in her own words:

  1. I love wake-boarding.

  2. I can run off 4 hours sleep; that’s a talent for mums, right?

  3. I’m studying to be a teacher!

The Handmade Collection

You can find Kate’s creations at her online store, or join her on Facebook for all the latest releases.

Wild One Handmade Kids Clothing, Harem Pants, Shorts


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