1920s inspired ditties - Pockets Full of Joy

It’s taken me a while to get around to sharing this album from Lucy Kalantari, but let me say… it was worth the wait! I urge you to take a listen, especially if you adore a 1920s inspired jazzy sound with oodles of whimsy, and a rich, warm sound that is (just as the title suggests) full of joy. I’m smitten as a kitten with big ball of yarn. Get a listen on…



My favourite tracks on this album are ‘Way With Me’ for the gorgeous lyrics and melody and ‘Betta’ for the toe tappin’ hip wigglin’ fun. Just try listening to these tracks without grooving along (impossible). These songs are written for kids but aren’t pitched ‘down’ at them. Rather, you could just as happily listen to these songs when the kids aren’t even around… which is what I classify as the best kind of family friendly music.

I’m officially declaring Pockets Full of Joy one of my favourite children’s albums of 2014.

You’ll find Pockets Full of Joy on iTunes, Amazon, or at Lucy Kalantari


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