Creative Cravings... A Good Egg!

Rise and shine! It’s breakfast time! How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up? Dippity eggs with soldiers? Hard boiled? Coddled? Poached? Scrambled? Maybe you like them organic? Farm fresh perhaps? Definitely free range, of course, because happy chickens make the best eggs… wishing you a wonderfully sun-shiney day!

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Creative Cravings… A Good Egg!

1. Breakfast Buttons, 2. Fried Egg Onesie, 3. Owl Egg Mold
4. Fried Egg Tee, 5. Chickens Coop Sign, 6. Djeco Coco Egg Cup
7. Soldier Egg Board, 8. Egg Warmer Cosy, 9. Kawaii Breakfast Letter Set
10. Play Felt Breakfast Set, 11. Bacon and Egg Tee, 12. Sunny Side Up Clock


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