Animal Tales by Key Wilde and Mr Clarke!

We’ve been having all kinds of fun this week listening to the new release from Key Wilde and Mr Clarke. It’s called Animal Tales and it’s jam packed with adventures and stories about animals, both factual and funny, with a liberal helping of whimsy (as expected from this super cool duo). It’s my pleasure to provide you with some ear candy… listen below!



One this album you’ll find both upbeat and chilled out tunes. I particular enjoy the first track ‘Animal Kingdom’ as it is super catchy. I also like ‘Bear Song’ as we’re big bear fans in this house! Oh, and no self-respecting Aussie could go past the song ‘Platypus’… not to mention they’re one of the coolest animals on the planet!

Key Wilde and Mr Clarke never disappoint with their musical offerings and we’re always so pleased to add their new releases to our regular playlist. This album is a winner… especially with road trip season almost upon us. Hooray for summer!

>> Find out more about Key Wilde & Mr Clarke (or buy the album) here


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