Designer of the Week - Li'l Zippers

Allow me to introduce our designer of the week, Lisa from Li’l Zippers. Lisa has just released her brand new spring summer 2014 collection and it’s all about practical, yet stylish clothing for kids. In review today we have the unisex bright red zip playsuit in candy stripes. Li’l Zippers cater for both babies and toddlers, with a range of boys, girls, and unisex designs.

Li'l Zippers Summer Kids Clothing, Playsuits

The Product Review

First and foremost, I love how the Li’l Zippers range is designed with lively, squirmy, fidgety, energetic babies in mind. I’m a big fan of stylish designs for kids, however practicality is still king (especially when your little one is still in nappies). Luckily, this playsuit has both…

The Li’l Zippers candy stripe playsuit is made from 100% cotton French Terry, and features the Li’l Zippers “chin-to-bum” zip for easy and quick nappy changes (an awesome feature). Other cool features include roll cuffs on the legs and arms, contrasting striped pockets, and a detachable hood, which makes this the perfect transition piece to take you from spring, through summer, and into autumn. This playsuit is very well made and appears to be built to last. It washes up well, and is both versatile and comfortable.

The verdict… Awesome Aussie design, exceptional quality, and perfectly practical!

Li'l Zippers Summer Kids Clothing, Playsuits

The Indie Label

Lisa launched Li’l Zippers in March 2013, inspired by her role as a new mum. She says, “Being at home with my baby boy was the main driving force. He just wouldn’t stay still when it came time to change him! Also, he was born in winter, so finding bright fun clothing was hard work, especially for boys”. Lisa has been in the supply chain and wholesale industry for 15 years, so it was a natural progression to start her business.

Lisa chose the name Li’l Zippers to honour her vision for the business. She explains, “It literally was a nappy change that did it. I was dressing my son and it just came to my mind”.

Li'l Zippers Summer Kids Clothing, Playsuits

The Creative Mind

Lisa is mum to one little guy, three-year-old Jacob. She has always loved designing and is inspired by bright colours and playful clothing for boys. She says, “I love receiving feedback from my customers and look at ways that I can incorporate these new ideas into my designs”.

Lisa works with natural fibres and 100% cottons, and says, “I have no limitations when it comes to colours, the possibilities are endless!”

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s a couple of fun facts about Lisa (in her own words):

  1. I love food, cooking, and baking (especially baking)

  2. I sound exactly like a professional singer when I sing in the shower (lol, don’t we all!)

Li'l Zippers Summer Kids Clothing, Playsuits

The Handmade Collection

You can purchase the Li’l Zippers range online, or visit Lisa on Facebook for all the latest news.

Li'l Zippers Summer Kids Clothing, Playsuits


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