Designer of the Week - Nurture Imagine Create

Let’s hear it for the boys! I’m so pleased today to introduce you to my new friend Ashleigh from Nurture Imagine Create. Ashleigh has whipped up something super stylish and delightfully dashing for the little guys today, handmade in her home studio in Darwin. We’re a little bit smitten, scroll down to see what we mean!

Nurture Imagine Create Handmade Children's Clothing

The Product Review

The Nurture Imagine Create Blue Spot Collared Shirt is made from soft chambray cotton fabric, which is lightweight and cool enough to wear right through spring and over summer. Rather than buttons, this shirt has metal snaps to make dressing a breeze, which is especially useful if your little guy is learning to dress himself.

The contrasting pocket has a light blue background with little white crowns, and the stitching and finishing is impeccable.We recommend rolling up the sleeves of this shirt, slicking back your little guy’s hair, and pairing with your favourite jeans or flat front shorts for an ultra stylin’ rockabilly look…

The verdict… Exceptional quality and so much style!

Nurture Imagine Create Handmade Children's Clothing

The Indie Label

Ashleigh started her label with a drive to create something unique for boys. She explains, “Like many mums in business, my business grew out of a need I had of my own – trendy boys clothing – that wasn’t white or light colours and wasn’t your basic shirt and shorts. There is so much on offer for girls, so many accessories & clothing options, but there was nothing for little boys”.

“NIC began in mid 2011, but I chose to put it back on the shelf temporarily when I went back to university to complete my post graduate studies in primary teaching. I returned to NIC, as full-time creator in November 2012 – so we are just shy of 2 years!”

Nurture Imagine Create Handmade Children's Clothing

The Creative Mind

Ashleigh chose her business name to reflect the new, exciting, and maternal feelings that she had as a new mum…. “The need to nurture not only my son but also myself, my new self, allowing me to still be ‘me’ but also a stay at home mum. As a stay at home mum (with only one child at the time) I had the chance and the time revisit some of my favourite past times, one of which was sewing. Drawing on what I learnt from my mum and also from my Textiles & Design teacher in year 11 & 12, I slowly began creating for my little boy”.

Ashleigh chooses designer fabrics, often imported from around the world, to ensure they are high quality and will last through many washes and wears. She draws inspiration from her two boys, Oliver (3.5 years) and Fletcher (10 months), and also spends a lot of time reading a vast array of fashion blogs to get a feel of what is happening in the fashion industry. Ashleigh says, “Although I like to follow trends, I also choose clothing designs for their practical nature, designs that are suitable for children, and fabrics that are known for their longevity”.

Nurture Imagine Create Handmade Children's Clothing

The Whimsical Spirit

Here’s three fun facts about Ashleigh (in her own words):

  • I have an Undergraduate degree in Contemporary Arts Majoring in Dance & a post Graduate diploma in Primary Teaching.

  • We had a baby, then built a house, then got married.. some would say we did things backwards.

  • We are currently living in Darwin (for my husband’s work) & we had to find a larger house as I needed a designated studio for NIC!

The Handmade Collection

Ashleigh creates a range of handmade clothing for both boys and girls, and you can find her wares online via Madeit.

Nurture Imagine Create Handmade Children's Clothing


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